Koneko Industries OXP

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Koneko Industries OXP
Download Link From Box.com
Version Stable 1.1
History Koneko Industries is a company in G5
manufacturing and selling ships.
Stations Koneko Industries Headquarters, Ryan's Villa
Ships Koneko Kobra Mk1, Takina Class Cruiser,
Kestros Mk4, Massasauga,
Koneko Kobra Mk2, possibly others
Missions None
Equipment None
Alternative HUD
Yes, KIhud.
Sound Set
Category Ships OXPs
Author Ryan Hoots

The Koneko Industries OXP is an Oolite eXpansion Pack that bundles all Koneko Industries ships, along with new improvements. It also replaced Ryan's Villa OXP.

Please, feel free to ask about this OXP in the talk page for this article, as I don't plan on being back on the BB for a while.

For a list of the specifications of all the player ships from this OXP, visit konekoindustries.ryanhoots.com/specs.


This OXP includes the Koneko Industries line of ships, the Koneko Industries station (and Ryan's Villa), and a custom HUD included with all Koneko Industries ships.

The Koneko Industries Fleet's primary purpose is to protect the Koneko Industries headquarters station, but also takes orders directly from Commander Hoots.

All details of the fleet are top secret, but it is known that they use the Koneko Kobra Mk2 as their standard ship, and their ships are almost always confined to the Cesousla system.

Ships and Stations

Version 2.0

The Rainbow Koneko Kobra Mk1

Version 2.0 will include many new textures for the existing ships, including the Rainbow and Golden variants of the Koneko Kobra Mk1. Other planned changes include a player Massasauga, adding plasma cannons to the Takina Class Cruiser, and pirate versions of all ships that do not have one already (such as the Massasauga and Takina Class).

Also expected in version 2.0 is the Koneko Kobra Clipper, a smaller and faster version of the Koneko Kobra Mk1. This ship will have four energy banks, no port or starboard lasers, and beam lasers in the fore and aft as standard. It is expected to be low priced and for sale at all but the lowest tech level planets.

There is no definite release date scheduled for version two, although the beta release can be downloaded here: https://www.box.com/s/xxdt78q7nrpcnkng79b1


The original version (1.0?) may have included a "Stretch Adder" which is now missing (see Wayback Machine link, below).

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