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Virtual keyboard

Keyconfig is a small helper for creating your personal keymapping for Oolite 1.77+ (up to v1.88). It runs in a browser to be easily accessible.

Reading in or creating a new keymapping is absolutely easy.


  • Pre-defined keymappings (v1.77, v1.80, v1.82+, Alternative A, Alternative B, BBC and an empty mapping)
  • Layouts for US, French, German, Italian and Russian keyboards
  • Virtual keyboard with color schemata
  • Checks for duplicated keys
  • Read in of keymapping
  • Output of keymapping

Input and output relies on copy&paste, but this may change someday.

Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and SeaMonkey.


This super little helper was put together by Svengali, author of the underused Library and also of BGS, GNN and buoyRepair.

Additional Infos

Keyconfig icon.png