Jonny Cuba

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The space-denizen Jonny Cuba was long considered an enigmatic personage.

Oolite whisperer

Jonny Cuba could often be found slouched on a stool, pushing his burly shoulders against the moderate G force of a sticky bar surface, in a drinking establishment with a name leaving little doubt of its customary clientele. Barely moving, and gazing through narrow slits framed by heavily folded eyelids, one could make the assumption that here was another soul lost in oblivion, but that would be a mistake, because Jonny Cuba missed nothing.

He noticed immediately the then-unknown, newcomer Aegidian as he shyly entered through the door, awkwardly clutching a computer interface and some paper folders, and attempting to orient himself to the unfamiliar setting before courteously making his way to a little table in the back. Though nobody had seen him move, Jonny Cuba was sat at the adjacent table, in the same motionless posture, his eyes, one could barely perceive, fixed to the side of his narrow slits, closely observing the newcomer.

Henceforth he would always seem to be there, when the tenderfoot techie Aegidian leaned back from his terminal and looked over one of his shoulders, this expressionless mystery man was present, impossible to say with certainty, but most likely studying him closely. Somehow he grew to feel this man was in tune to the work on his screen. A sigh, or a growl, for instance, could be heard at moments when its timing relative to the events of his keystrokes seemed too fitting to be coincidental. And then, at the very moment of a successful completed operation on his interface, he would hear in a deep rumble, "Mmm, good".

And so it was, that while Aegidian never had a sense of to what degree the hefty presence nearby had any comprehension of his work, he found comfort in the grunts of approval, and eventually came to think of him as a spiritual muse.

There are reports that others, too, experienced the effect of his apparitional nearby presence. The young Murgh found in him a similar mysterious source of subtle encouragement, and perhaps manipulation, who with time became an advisory figure and trusted confidant.

It eventually became known that Jonny Cuba was an accomplished musician, and some of the mystery died.


More widely recounted than the tales of his influence, the perpetual musical score that sweeps through the salons of the hOopy Casinoes became a tune stuck to the heads of many creatures. The composition is even less probably forgotten when it witnessed in performance by the holograms of Jonny Cuba & the Fierce Frogs.