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Resizes and reattributes core shipset based on primary Elite sources. In many cases changes one or more of mass, speed, energy, recharge, missiles, cargo, pitch and roll statistics.


This is the first published oxp in the Rescaling experiment, and focuses purely on the ships for the Vanilla game.


The chart to the right shows the resizing of the ships:

If they are smaller than before then you can see them within the shadow representing their old size.
If they are larger than before then you can see them either overlapping or next to the shadow representing their old size.

The ships are all rescaled around the Moray (rescaling around the Moray only needs station sizes to increase by about 10%, a lot better than the 33% required if rescaling was based around the Cobra Mk III.). This has been done treating the Elite Manual dimensions (which are in imperial feet) as though they were the longer european metres.

Mass has been calculated using an algorithm given here, the other attributes have been taken from the sources listed below under Links.

Release Notes

  • More to come, especially in terms of oxp compatability
  • Warning: this will reduce the Cobra mk III's speed to 0.28LM.

This made sense to me when I first saw it in Angus Duggan's Elite-A (the fer-de-lance should be the faster of the two I thought) but I was surprised to find it in the C64 ship stats... Sure, there's the Masslock issue but there are several oxps to counter that, 3 of which I've written myself (with all of those being cumulative in effect).

Smaller ships will likely be harder to hit but more fragile than before.


Sources for the changes wrought by this oxp

Gameplay and Balance Indicator


By slowing down the Cobra MkIII (from 0.35 lm to 0.28 lm) the game becomes tougher for beginners. One can use some of Redspear's other OXPs to compensate: Masslock Compensator, Power To Engines and/or Traffic Redistributer