Imperial Industries Consortium

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A group of companies founded and controlled by some of the most powerful and wealthiest families of Imperial dictatorship worlds.


A heavy freighter, fast, and equipped with medium armament. Available on the open market.
A military transport and landing ship, equipped with some advanced technology. Originally only sold to specific armed forces nowadays some decommissioned vessels could be found on the open market.
A small capital-ship and escort carrier. This ship is only sold to member worlds of the consortium and their allies.
A small troop transport. Used to ferry troops between ships, planets, and space stations and to drop ground forces in case of planetary invasions. Additionally, in the case of emergencies, it serves as a lifeboat. The Drop Shuttle was exclusively distributed to Lambda Liners T5-M01.
While the major purpose of this craft is to drop ground forces during a planetary invasion in emergency situations it is used as a lifeboat as well. The Landing Craft was exclusively distributed to Lambda Liners T5-M01 and Lambda Liners T5-M02.


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This organization is based on the scenario of Dictators_OXP