Imperial AstroFactory

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Imperial Astro Factory
Imperial AstroFactory.png
Size (metres, W×H×L) W: 560.742
H: 575.836
L: 544.196
Manoeuvrability Roll: 8.0
Pitch: 8.0
Rotating No
Energy recharge rate 10
Armaments None
Defenders 6
OXP or standard OXP
Beacon F


AstroFactories are a result of the Imperial Dictatorship’s ambition to establish itself amongst the galaxy’s industrial leaders. Determined to make use of every possible natural resource, early settlers undertook a major programme of asteroid mining, blasting the rock with high-powered lasers and demolition charges, until only the hardest remained. In order to exploit these remaining reserves even further, mining outposts were established on the fractured surfaces, and very soon whole communities began to develop. Back home, severe land shortages were beginning to stifle industrial development, and the possibly of using these off-world outposts as dedicated industrial centres was was quickly recognised by the political leadership. Government funds were therefore used transform the outposts into high-tech manufacturing stations, capable of closing the productivity gap between the Imperial Dictatorship and its nearest rivals.


AstroFactories are found in most of the high-tech worlds operated by the Imperial Dictatorship, usually situated in the centre of an asteroid field. Each factory is served by a dedicated fleet of tankers and freighters responsible for ferrying raw materials and finished products to and from the system’s main space station. All such ships are operated under escort, and in addition each AstroFactory houses a squadron of Lictors to defend the area against pirates and any other potential threats.

Although the workforce of each AstroFactory is largely comprised of slaves, the extensive use of machinery and robotics means that most find themselves employed as factory managers, accountants and personal assistants rather than as a source of manual labour. In fact, the slaves stationed on the AstroFactories are considered so vital to the Dictatorship’s economy that their rights and working conditions are tightly regulated by the state, so much so that when away on official leave, slaves are given special protection by the security forces.

While the factories may offer little to the casual visitor, traders find them a useful source of manufactured goods and often take the opportunity to make use of their superior shipyard facilities. However, it should be noted that the Imperial Dictatorship takes no responsibility for the safety of non-citizens, and GalCop's presence away from main stations is limited.


The Imperial AstroFactory is found in the Dictators OXP

An updated version of the AstroFactory is available for download here: AstroFactory.oxz (v2.4 downloaded 1412 times)

A discussion of this updated version can be found at: Oolite Forum

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