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This OXP seeks to add some flavour to systems that the player has made their home. Various entities in the system will now communicate spontaneously with the player, enhancing the idea that the player is well-known to system inhabitants. Benefits will also be given to the player the more they visit the system.

Not to be confused with Diplomancy OXP where citizenship (and income-tax liabilities) can be bought.


Up to 3 systems in each sector can be declared as "home". To make a system home, purchase the "Home System Privileges" item from the F3 Equip Ship screen. If you have already purchased 3 Home System Privileges and decide later on to move homes, you can either purchase the "Remove Home System Privileges" item in one of the systems where you have already made your home, or you can simply buy a new Home System Privileges in the new system, and if your maximum has been reached, you will be asked to select one of your current home systems to remove.

Once set, additional messages will be sent to the player by the station (when you are granted docking clearance, after you dock, and after you launch), police vessels, and even pirates.

There are some benefits from making a system your home that will come into play the more you visit your home system:

  • Police will always side with the player in clean-v-clean fights.
  • If you have the "Docking Fees" OXP installed, fees will be waived at all stations in your home system.
  • Purchasing goods from the commodities market will return a small bonus.
  • Purchasing equipment will give you a small rebate.
  • Purchasing a new ship will give you a small rebate.
  • Clearing of any offender status.
  • Auto-refuelling at aligned stations.
  • Additional bonus amounts on missions from GalCop Missions OXP (if installed).
  • Special parcel and passenger contracts.

More benefits may be added in future versions.

You also have the opportunity to invest in your home system, which can accelerate your standing with the system and provide access to more home system benefits faster. Investment options can be purchased at any station for 10000cr.

Home systems will be marked on the galactic chart with a purple diamond shape. There will also be a note on the F7 System Data screen.

Note: Firing on stations or police vessels in a system designated as your home will result in all your home system privileges being revoked.


Download HomeSystem.oxz v0.12 (downloaded 0 times).


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/

Thanks to UK_Eliter for his code analysis and adding his ideas into the mix to make the pack better.
Thanks to Diziet Sma for getting the team together.
With special thanks to Cody for the original idea. You rock, El Viejo!

Home image from http://simpleicon.com/home-1.html.
Question mark image from http://simpleicon.com/question_mark_1.html

Version History


  • *Really* fixed issue where reply messages with BroadcastComms could end up with a duplicated ID.


  • Fixed issue where reply messages with BroadcastComms could end up with a duplicated ID.


  • Benefit levels are now adjusted based on a systems government, economy and tech level.
  • Investment purchase notification emails for systems other than the current system will now arrive later, rather than instantly.


  • Fixed issue with incorrect emails being sent when purchasing investment option.
  • Split out investment option counters, so it's independent of dock counts.


  • Added "Invest in home system" item, to allow players to accelerate their status with their home system.


  • Code changes as suggested by UK_Eliter.
  • Fixed issue with home system notification not appearing on F7 screen in all setups.
  • Fixed broken priority docking system.
  • Fixed issue with offender clearance message being shown when player is not an offender.


  • Disabled docking and launching messages when using the combat simulator.
  • Disabled docking messages after using an escape pod.
  • Added an F4 screen showing the players number of dockings at GalCop stations.


  • Home systems will now be marked with a purple diamond shape on the galactic chart, and a note will be added to the System Data screen.
  • Added link to GalCop Missions to allow an increase in mission bonus value as a new benefit.
  • Added special, high-value parcel and passenger contracts as a new benefit.
  • Added free, automatic refuelling as a new benefit.
  • Police and pirate comms messages now shouldn't happen when they're in the middle of a fight.
  • Fixed errors resulting from not having Email System OXP installed.
  • Farewell emails will now have their point-of-origin for the email trace set to the appropriate system.
  • Set maximum number of home systems to 3.


  • Added some additional benefits (increased rebate on equipment and ship purchases).
  • Added email notification of new benefits achieved.
  • If the player commits a serious offence in a home system, as well as their privileges being revoked, they will also have their reputation removed (so if they repurchase the privileges, they will have to build up their reputation to recover their benefits).
  • Added a farewell email message, for when the player decides to remove their home system privileges.
  • Fixed bug where an attack on police or stations when the player doesn't have home system privileges would still send a message about it being revoked.


  • Changed installation time for equipment items to be 15 minutes.
  • Fixed issue where the system was not recording the docking counts correctly.
  • Added new benefit: clearing offender status (but not fugitive status).


  • Reduced maximum number of home systems per sector to 2.
  • Added functionality to ensure police will always side with the player in clean-v-clean fights.
  • Added equipment and ship rebates.
  • Added levels of benefit, requiring the player to visit the system a certain number of times before benefits come online.
  • Added extra text variations.


  • Initial alpha release.

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Minimum Oolite versionCPU usage lowMemory usage lowGPU usage low

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
0.12 2020-06-30 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Ambience OXPs phkb, UK_Eliter, Cody, Diziet Sma Oolite BB

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