Galactic Almanac MFD Unit

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Galactic Almanac MFD Unit
Name Galactic Almanac MFD Unit
Cost 350₢
TL Availability 8
When activated in flight the MFD is shown in a transparent window in the left hand corner of the screen.
As you cycle through the compass targets with the # key, the MFD updates to provide information on the currently selected Advance Space Compass Target. (Sun Selected)
If you have OXZs installed which add planets, moons or gas giants these are automatically added as Targets on the Advanced Space Compass and the MFD in addition to the Main Planet and Sun. (OXZ Planet Selected)
Unusual Heavenly Bodies are identified and categorised.
Catagories are added to Gas Giants.
Ice Giants are also categorised.
Compositional information can be obtained on targeted asteroids.
Lifeforms can be scanned.
Tactical information can be obtained in relation to certain unusual visitors to the spacelanes.
Information is available on all GalCop space stations.
The MFD automatically provides information on all OXZ Stations, Carriers, Ships and Satellites transmitting Beacons readable with an Advanced Space Compass (Carrier Selected).
Fuel Satellite Selected as the Advanced Space Compass Target.
The MFD will also provide information on ships, carriers, stations, asteroids and other objects which are not transmitting a Beacon, provided that you have target locked the object with the R key. Without a target lock, the MFD is limited to providing information only on objects which reveal themselves with a Public Beacon transmission. Range is limited to 25 KM unless the target is transmitting an ID Beacon. (Adder Target Locked).
Weapons Systems can be scanned and identified.
A Jump Gate is targeted and scanned.
Information on local regulations can sometimes be obtained.


Incoming Message

Welcome to your Galactic Almanac MFD Unit, Model B5-738. The Unit has successfully linked to your Advanced Space Compass and is ready for use. When in flight, select a slot on your HUD by pressing the SHIFT and : keys. Then press the ; key to cycle through your MFD displays until the Galactic Almanac MFD appears. Once assigned the MFD will turn itself off when you dock and on when your launch.

The MFD will display information in relation to your current target. If you have no target locked with your Identification Computer the MFD will display information on your current Advanced Space Compass Target. When your have a target locked, the MFD Unit will automatically lock onto your current target. To return to Compass Mode deselect your target by pressing the U key.

The Technical Support Team.

Her Imperial Majesty's Bureau of Records. Autocrat House, 7 Triumph Road, Riverside Sector, Ashoria, Lave I, ZF1-007.


The Galactic Almanac MFD Unit can be purchased in any system with a Tech Level of 8 or higher for 350 Credits. The Unit is a software update for the Advanced Space Compass and therefore requires an Advance Space Compass to be installed before it will be offered for sale in the shipyard. The MFD cannot be damaged in combat, but if your Advanced Space Compass is damaged then the MFD will stop functioning until your Advanced Space Compass is repaired.

The Galactic Almanac MFD is part of The Galactic Almanac OXZ.

Galactic Almanac Identification Register

The MFD Unit's Data Base contains 738 known ships, stations and weapons systems. When you target an object with the MFD Unit active, the Recognition Software will automatically scan your target and compare its radar reflection to the Galactic Almanac Register in order to provide you with information on your current target as well as its current distance from you. If you have no target selected with your Identification Computer, the Unit will provide information on your current Advanced Space Compass target. If you lock onto a target with your Identification Computer, the MFD Unit will switch to your current target.

If a target is transmitting a beacon, you will be able to obtain a reading on the target regardless of its distance from you by selecting it as your Advanced Space Compass Target. Targets which are not transmitting a beacon can only be scanned by first obtaining a target lock with your Identification Computer. In the basic game range for targets without beacons is limited to 25 Kilometres. The Galactic Almanac MFD is fully compatible with the Telescope OXZ. If you have Telescope OXZ installed (and have purchased it in the shipyard), the Galactic Almanac MFD will also have its range extended to match the range of your Telescope. The Galactic Almanac will work with Version 1.0 of Telescope, but for full compatibility you should update to the latest Version 2.0 of Telescope OXZ.

The table below shows the designers and ships, stations and weapons systems stored in the MFD Unit's Data Base.

Name of Station / Ship / Weapon Manufacturer List of Known Ships, Stations and Weapons Systems recorded in the Galactic Almanac Data Base
Ace and Faber Gecko,
Ace Shipbuilding Co. Cruzer, Hornet, Night Adder.
Achenar Naval Research Osprey Attack Fighter, Naval Imperial Courier, Imperial Trader, Imperial Explorer.
Ad-X Corporation Constores, Billboards, Terascreens, Mobile Billboards, Asteroid Billboards, Ad Buoys, Mobile Ad Tractors,
ADCK Transport Ltd Bulk Hauler, Super Bulk Hauler, Long Range Cruiser, Lynx Bulk Carrier, Navy Lander, Navy Medical Ship, Navy Minesweeper, Navy Shuttle, Navy Transport, Snark, Navy Light Destroyer, Navy Destroyer, Navy Tanker, Destroyer Missile.
Aegidian Industries Griffin Two, Chopped Cobra, Josher, Hamadryad, Naga, Ringhals, Asp Mark II Special, Asp-X, Cobra2-C, Cobra2-X, Cobra Mk.II-X, Sidewinder-X, Pelamis, Python Class Cruiser, Python ET Special,
Aegidian Spaceworks Ball Turret, Diso B, Special Branch Orbital Headquarters, Military Base, Pulsar Monitoring Station, Behemoth Class Warship, Viper Mark II, Viper Cruiser.
Amaliel Corporation Wolf Mark II,
Amen Avionics Battleship, Biodome, Cruiseship, Hospitalship, Supercargo, Superlifter, Amen Class Yacht.
Amur Shipbuilding Plant Giant Ray, Sun Ray.
AOO Solar Inc Fuel Stations and Fuel Satellites.
Apocalypse Systems Aphid, Far Star Murderer, Grass Snake, Herald Military Gunboat, Penelope Class Freighter, Ulysses Class Interceptor, Telemachus Class Escort, Remorse Of Conscience, Super Cobra.
Aquarian Shipbuilding Inc Kiota Stations, Aquarian Shipbuilding Corporation HQ, Gateway Station, Barracuda, Manta Ray, Shark, Man O' War, Box Escort, Conger, Hawksbill, Hammerhead Hauler Carrier, Orca Destroyer, Leviathan System Platform, Maelstrom, Vortex, Duma, Tembo, Chatu, Nyoka, Fuel Frame, Fuel Tank, Fugu Tanker, Quirium Fuel Tank, Guardian Drone, Thargon Jamming Mine, Jump Gates.
Arden Cooperative Chameleon, Ghavial.
AviaNautics Inc Secretary Bird.
Axtech Budget Habitats Inc Axtech Dodecahedron Station.
Baltic Shipyards ZGF Stations.
Beeb Projects Inc Cloud City.
Beerbaum and ThruSpace Inc Anaconda.
Benulobiweed Inc Kestrel, Firefly, Swift, Merlin, Pallas, Tepiu, Lampyris, Millennium Falcon, Condor, Constitution Class Starship, Alcubierre.
Biarge United Shipyards Fer de Lance NG, Gecko Dragon Class.
Black Sea Shipyards Astromine Guard Ray.
Blaze Habitats Plc Free Trade Zone.
Blitzspear Clan Assassin, Hoodlum, Mugger, Scoundrel, Spiv.
Caeles & Nil Engineering TransHab Station.
Chivalric Spaceworks Royal Hunting Lodges, Jaeger, Korvette, Zerstoerer.
"Classified" Constrictor, Komodo Class Carrier, Imperial Navy Headquarters, Imperial Navy Base, Imperial Navy Outpost, Black Widow, Starstrike, Kraken IV, Navy Raptor, Raptor Defense Interceptor, Navy Intelligence Station, Navy Base, Interstellar Bastion, Interstellar Outpost, Area Defence Cannon, Hyperspace Jumpgate, Tug Ship, Plasma Sentry Drone, Splinter Missile, Defence Cannon, Homing Mine, Raptor's Claw Mine, Raptor's Talon, Kamikaze Orbiter.
Commonwealth Spaceworks Andromeda.
Cowell & MgRath Shipyards Cobra Mark III, Cobra Mark IV.
CoachWhip Inc HoOpy Casino, CoachWhip Liner, Anaconda Liner, Coral StarLiner, Moray Transport, Woma Fuel Transport.
Coluber Inc Sodalite Station, Cribo Mark II Chicaneer, Cribo Mark IV Chicaneer, Kukri Mark I, Kukri Mark II Dragster Mark I, Dragster Mark II, Pit Viper.
Crimson Forge Dynamics Kirin CV, Kirin XM, Kirin Military Transport.
Cyber Systems Inc Tiger Mark I.
Dastardly Dragsters Inc AGR Racers, Red Racer, Vamp Racer, Spitting Cobra.
Dawon Construction Plc The Augeaian Orbital Repair Facility.
Deep Space Construction DeepSpace Coriolis, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron Station Variants.
DeLacy ShipWorks Krait.
Dertien Corporation Tetrahedron Depot, Octahedron Outpost, G-X1 Icosahedron, G-Z1 Dodecahedron G-X1 Coriolis, G-Z1 Dodecahedron, G-Z1 Icosahedron, G-Z2 Tetrahedron Depot, G-Z2 Octahedron.
Draco Speedsters Firewasp.
Draconian Aerodynamics Bien Naval Interceptor.
DTT Ship Builders Inc D.T.T. Mark I, Heavy Metal Hauler, Wraith, Tomahawk, Manta, Cyclops, Galaxy Liner, Space Zeppelin, Atlas, Snake Charmer, Kraken, War Lance, Heart of Gold, Planet Express.
Eisel Aerodynamics Xarik Spaceplane.
Elite Munitions Ltd Nexus Missiles.
Erlage State Design Bureau Chrysopelea Mark I.
Executive SpaceWays Delta Long-Range Escort, Gemini Escort, StarSeeker Personal Shuttle, Trident Executive Shuttle, Strelka Cruiseliner.
Fancy Classics Ltd Neo-Oolite Coriolis, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron Station Variants, Croydon StarSoarer, Navy Tender, Strike Carrier.
Far Arm Shipyards Cobra Commodore, Porcupine, Python Courier.
Faulcon de Lacy Viper Interceptor, Manta, Standard Missile, ECM Hardened Missile,
Faulcon Manspace Reorte Viper, Iguana, .
Federal Research Directorate Eagle Long Range Fighters, Falcon Attack Fighter.
Flying Circus Workshops Bandersnatch, Jabberwocky, Morrigan.
Fringe World Technologies Ixian Battle Cruiser, Ixian Bezerka, Ixian Gunship, Ixian No-Ship, Ixian Freighter.
FrontierTech FrontierTech Worldranger Icosahedron Station.
GalTech Industries Arachnid, Chimera Gunship, Colonial Viper, Cylon Raider, Fireball XL5, Fireball XL5 Escape Module, GalTech Escort Fighter, GalTech Escape Pod GIC-E1, GalTech Escape Pod GIC-E2, Serpent Class Cruiser.
GASEC Aerospace Native Coriolis, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron Stations.
GASEC Mobile Orbitals Super Hub.
GASEC NanoMainframes GASECBlue Dodecahedron Station, Constellation Icosahedron Station.
Gerege Federation Spaceworks Boa, Boa Class Cruiser.
Gordian Avionics Gigantophis Hauler.
Grand Tourer Spaceworks Veloce e Appuntita.
Griff Industries Imperial Dodecahedron, Mayan Dodecahedron, CK-A1 Dodecahedron, Trade Outpost, Seedy Space Bars, Black Monk Monastery, Black Monk Gunship, Gnat, GalMine Hopper, Griffin Mark I,
Griff Research Ltd Griff Research Orbital Base, Griff Boa, Griff Krait, Robotic Cargo Loader, Bulk Freighter, Aeron Class Frigate, Navy BattleBot Mark I, Navy BattleBot Mark II, BattleBot Control Drone, Navy Cluster-Bomb.

Auto Sort: Any ship or station which is explicitly called “Griff” (for example the Griff Krait and Griff Boa) is automatically assigned to Griff Research Ltd unless already categorised as a Griff Industries design.

Hasbro Inc Y-Wing.
Hatchling Racing Inc BoyRacers.
Heretic Security Ltd Gaundlet Armoured Transport Type, Gaundlet Armoured Escort Viper.
Hive Intergalactic Plc Waspline Coriolis Station.
Holdstock Architecture Ltd Tionisla Orbital Graveyard Dodecahedron Station.
Ideal Apartments Ltd Luftslotte 6.
Imperial Industries Consortium Drop Shuttle, Imperial Shuttle, Lambda Shuttle, Lambda Freighter T5-F01, Lambda Freighter T5-F02, Lambda Hospital Ship T5-F01.
Incom Corporation X-Wing.
Ionics Corporation Huntsman, Funnelweb, Redback, Whitetail.
Isis Interstellar Nuit Space Station, Koneko Industries HQ, Vampire Mark I, Vampire Mark II, Vampire Mark IIII, Vampire Mark IV, Vampire Reaper, Vampire Renegade, Venom, Venom Renegade, Werewolf, King Cobra, Isis Space Boat, Phantom, Scorpius, Jida Missile ASM-12B.
Joist Industries Tiger Trader.
Johnson Avionics Eagle Transporter, Eagle Escort.
Joy Camp Habitats AstroMine Penal Colonies.
Khan Corporation Frog Space Rickshaw.
Komsomol Design Bureau Commissar Limousine, Commissar Escape Pod.
Koneko Industries Ryan's Villa, Koneko Kobra Mk1, Koneko Kobra Mk2, Kestros Mk4, Takina Class Cruiser, Massasauga, Genisis KI-Blue, Anguis Primus.
Kuat Drive Yards Imperial Star Destroyer.
Kuat Systems A-Wing.
Lakon Spaceways Transporter, Mining Transporter.
La Verde Construction Avernus Orbital.
Lupin & McLane Salvage Gang Stations, Hacker Outposts.
Mandel & Earls Ltd Firefly Class Transport.
MandoTech Industries MandoTech Station, Titanus, Quazar, Frizbee, Jade Shadow, MT1030 Corvair, MT1035 Corsair, MT2000 Brachiator, Comet, Paradox, Proseus, Persephone, Roc Mark I, Terror Bird, Lightning Bird, Thunder Bird, MT5000 Javelin, MT500 Arrow, MT50 Dart, MT6000 Catapult, Sangreli Trader, Boomerang, MT1040 Shurken, MT1040 Shurken Ninja, MT1040 Shurken Escort, Petra, Sun Bird, Side Shooter, Ardvark, Eruptor, Feramborini, Solar Wing, MT1012 Pitbull, MT950 Mastif, MT850 Bulldog, MT650 Terrier, MT1024 Explorer, VTBS Cruiser, Splatomator, Small Blimpy, Big Blimpy, Razzer, Gnash, Alpha Centauri, Sun Skipper, Apex, Slasher, Romulan Bird Of Prey, Razor, Piranha, Marauder, Firebird, Ventura, UHU, Troller, Terra, Star Moth, Snapper, Slug, Megaladon, Genesis, Elbereth, Diamond, Battle Barge, Ankalagon, Mantis, Green Hornet, Yellow Jacket, Fire Ant, Nova Bat, Sun Bat, Sun Bat Mark II.
Marett Space Corp. Adder Mk II, Mosquito Sport, Mosquito Trader.
Marine Trench Co. Moray Star Boat, Greenline Coriolis Station,
Martins Modifications Refugee Adder.
Medical Designs Technology Isis Medical Craft, Medical Shuttle.
Medicus Dynamics Longshot.
Milinks Starships Inc Boomslang, Urutu Mark III, Urutu Mark IV.
Ministry of Love People's Police Ray.
Ministry of Peace Military Ray.
Ministry of Truth Thought Police Ray.
Montana Munitions Inc Military Missile, Hawking HMX-11 Military Smart Missile, Hacker HMX-11, Military Smart Missile, Military Missile.
Morbius Propulsion Ltd RocketShip.
Murgh Security Systems Plc Basilisk, Hydra, Leviathan, Rattle Cutter.
Murgh Shipyards Globe Stations, Military Stations, Sentinel Stations, Renegade Stations, Cat / Cougar, Salamander, Hognose, Bandy-Bandy Courier, Chuckwalla, Eel Rapier, Taipan, Chicaneer Mk II, Chicaneer Mk IV, Cobra Clipper SAR, Advert DroidShip, Paddy Restaurant Junk, Trinket Schoolship, Trinket Examiner.
Nauarchus Corporation Military Stingray.
Neurath Avionics Baakili Far Trader, Corsair, Corsair Class Cruiser, Sunracer, Sunracer Scout, Manchi Wasp, Manchi Vulture, Scow, Far Arm Dart, Far Arm Hunter, Far Arm Cruiser, Far Arm Tanker, Far Arm Tanker Trader, Tanker SE, Far Arm Titan, Manchi Missile, Nova Missile, Plasma Torpedo, SM-1 Missile.
Nishikado Microsystems Capisastra Warrior, Capisastra Hauler, Capisastra Defender.
Numinor Technologies Odyssey U31.
Obnoxicorp Amalgamated Torus Stations.
OKB Korshkov Ltd Korshkov Test Facility.
Omnicorp Modular Native Rock Hermits.
Onrira Orbital Shipyards Bushmaster.
Oo-Haul Corporation L-Crate Transporter.
Orbital Spaceworks Ltd Scavenger Phoenix.
Oresrian Hive Mind Oresrian Trader.
Outworld Workshops Adder, Ophidian,
P.A. Groove Shipyards Inc RedTec Coriolis Station, SolarTec Coriolis Station, Aurora Galaxy Liner, Diamond Class Shuttle, Attack Drone, Emerald Class Liner, Jade Class RunAbout, Inter-System Ferry, Lifeboat, Cruise Security Vessel, Tigershark, Saga Class Cruise Ship, Cruise Ship, Orisis Class Ferry, Orisis Class Hospital Ship, Trident Missile, Trident Tine.
Paynou Prossett & Salem Cobra Mark I.
Peldorian Industries Drug Factory, Tarantula.
Perez Corporation Harris Fighter.
Portable Preachers Ltd Pulpit Pods.
Pteradyne Technologies Dragon Assault Craft, Excalibur, Paladin, Vendetta, Military Navy Missile.
Radical Logistics Yasen-N, Skat, Lira.
Ramirez Construction Plc Tourist Information Centre, Communications Station, Fuel Reprocessing Facility, Imperator.
Ramirez Armaments Plc Electronic Warfare Pod, Cascade Missile, Fragmentation Missile, Fragmentation Bomb, Fragmentary Particle, Lawmaker Missile, Anti-Thargoid Missile, Anti-Thargoid Warhead, Intercept Missile, Defence Missile, Chaff Launcher, Override Missile, Distress Beacon, Distress Beacon Launcher, Remote Launcher, Defence Missile Launcher, Remote Detonation Mine, ESW Beacon Launcher, Disruptor Missile, EMP Mine, Radio Bomb.
Ramon Security Ltd Armoured Passenger Transport, Nemesis Mark I, Special Branch Asp Mark III, Military Wasp EX-01, Hooded Cobra, Mongoose Fighter, Scorpion Frigate, Daemon Class Cruiser.
Red Neck Rocketscience Stormbrewer.
RemLock Survival Systems Space Suits.
Remus Haulage Plc Imperial Freighter, Imperial Tanker, Prison Ship, AutoLoader.
Rendell Starships Inc Spearhead Interceptor Mark I.
Reorte Ship Federation Mamba,
Retila Shipyard Cooperative YellOo Cabs, Contractor Mk II,
Robin Foam Metalworks Sonoran.
Romulus Interstellar Imperial Censor, Imperial Lictor, Imperial Quaestor, Imperial Banshee, Imperial Enforcer, Imperial Guard, Revolutionary Guard, Junta Enforcer.
Ronson Robotics Autoskimmer.
Rorschachhamster Plc Surveillance-Satellite, COMLR-Satellite, COM-Satellite, Satellite Telescope, Dragonette, Wyrm, Draco, Fruit Bat, Mega Bat, Orion.
RRS Group Manufacturing RRS Waystation, RRS Headquarters, RRS Waystation Buoy, RRS Galactic Headquarters Buoy, RRS Solar Laboratory, Arafura.
Rubin Design Bureau SLAPU Stations.
Sabre Solutions Ltd Sabre's BioSphere Station, Deep Space Dredger, Super Dredger, Dredger Trader, Dredger Shuttle, Fury, Sabre, Dredger Salvage Droid, Dredger Battle Droid, Velocity 96, Velocity 150, Velocity 170,
Saeder-Krupp Industries Tesoura.
Saleza Aeronautics Bellatrix Cruiser, Rigel Tactical Bomber, Saiph Interceptor.
Saud-Kruger Orbital Shuttle, Worm.
Seldar Shipyards Tourist Ship, Imperial Courier, Cobra NjX, SWAT Viper, Icarus Light Trader,
Sienar Fleet Systems Tie-Fighter, Tie-Interceptor.
Silver Knight Shipyards SKS Plasma, Light, Panther Clipper, Predator, Rhino, Spaceliner.
SIRFCorp Construction SIRIF Station.
Skavurzka Shipyards Dark Rainbow.
Skrounk Limited All Stars Large Freighter, Seymour Class Cargo Sled, Starbelly Class Sled, Starhawk Class Cruiser, Starwolf.
Skunkworks Dynamics Green Gecko.
Skywelder Corporation Taxi Galactica Stations, Taxi Galactica Taxies, Taxi Galactica Billboards,
Smivs Shipyards Plc Smivs Coriolis, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron Station Variants, Space Pizza Giftshop, Boa Clipper, Python Clipper,
Slayn & Korpil B-Wing.
Soin Classic Shipyards The Soin Family Burrow, The Galactic Cup Stadium, Vintage Adder, Mega Mamba, Mega Krait, Mega Fer-de-Lance, Krait Interceptor.
Solo & Groove Enterprises Metaforce Coriolis Station,
SoloTek Industries Copperhead, Copperhead Mk II, Moccasin, Accipiter, Cobra X, Cobra Mark III-XT, Galaxian Trader, Cougar ST, Shuriken, Scimitar, Naval Torpedo, I Missile.
Spalder and Starblaze Inc Sidewinder Scout Ship.
Spaulder Bros Salvage Phoenix.
Spectral Shipyards Inc Vengence.
Sredne Nevskiy ManSpace Astrogulag Mining Pod.
Staer Nine Industries Cobra AC, Cobra S9, Chupacabra, Ghost Gunship, Ghost Raptor, Scout, Hauler P30, Spectre, Xeikil, Xeikil Mark II.
Starship Design Works Mamushi Light Fighter, Osoroshii Carrier.
Sternax Consortium S.T.E, Dragonfly S.T, Firefly ST.
Stomaster Ltd Native Escape Pods.
Storm Communications News Arrays.
Stormrider Stations Inc Darkside Distillery, Moonshine Saloon.
Sun Ra Ra Plating Ltd RaTech Gold Coriolis Stations.
Taranis Corporation Taranis Corporation Headquarters, Outrider, Navy Frigate.
Tarkin Entertainments Hoopy Hotels.
Teamsters Inc Wiseguy Waystation.
Tiared Aerodynamics Unit Rockhopper.
Thruttles Workshops Teretrurus, Purple Haze, Shield Tail.
Triumvirate Construction Imperial AstroFactory.
Trontech Vulcan Ltd Trontech Vulcan Dodecahedron Station, LX5 Dodecahedron Station.
Troomp Enterprises Inc Sothis Station.
Tsierk Letaneya Designs Llama.
Tsoojov Engineering TEC Apep Mk II.
Tyley-Feynman Quirium Cascade Mine.
Udian Foraga Shulth Caduceus Alpha, Caduceus Omega.
UniMine Engineering Ltd Mining Outposts.
"Unregistered Alien Vessel" Weeviloid Scout Ship, Weeviloid Hunter, Smivs Alien Ships.

Auto Sort: Thargoids are automatically classified as Hostile Alien Drones, Ships, Carriers or Stations unless the OXZ author has specified otherwise.

Ural Machine Works Workers' Commuter.
Ursine Technologies Plc Mine Sweeper Satellites.
Vector Corperation Vector.
Walch & Svengali Systems GRS Guanako, GRS Controller, GRS Shuttle, GRS Armadillo, GRS Buoy Factory, GRS Station Buoy.
Whatt and Pritney Python.
Wild Ships Manufacturing Lave Academies.
Wolfwood Interstellar Drake Mark I, Drake Mark II, Wolf Mark I, Cobra Courier, Cobra Rapier, Asp Mark I, Asp Explorer.
Worldbuilders Inc Worldbuilders Icosahedron Stations.
Wyvern Aerodynamics Inc PTSF 200-X3.
Zeke Consortium Zeke Mining Transporter.
Zieman Environments Ltd Zieman Habitat , Zieman Habitat Mark II.
Zorgon Petterson Group Asp, Fer de Lance, Mussurana, Monitor, Fer de Pai.