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Sample mission


This OXP adds some local missions to the Bulletin Board System, to hopefully add more things to do in and around each system. Very little by way of new ships, stations, equipment or AI's has been added to the game. The idea was to simply make use of the existing assets in new and (hopefully) interesting ways.

There are a number of different missions available, and the availability of these missions depends on a number of factors (score, system tech level, government type, installed equipment etc). Missions can be offered in a number of ways: via the Bulletin Board, from scooped escape pods, from passing ships, or from emails.

This OXP also includes the concept of "mission chains", in that completing one mission may trigger a second mission, which could then trigger a third mission, and so on. Sometimes the player is given an option as to whether they want to perform the secondary mission, and sometimes they won't be.

Generally, all the missions are optional. If you don't visit the Bulletin board, you won't see what's on offer, and very little in the game will change if you don't do the missions. You may occasionally be offered a mission when scooping escape capsules, and sometimes passing ships will pass on requests. Also, one of the coded events that can occur in your current chart will make particular systems difficult to enter for a period of time.

Notes about missions: Some of the missions in this pack can impact on other areas of the game. For instance, one type of mission, if completed successfully, will result in a higher frequency of mis-jumps to a particular system. Some missions can effect the commodities of a station, or the availability of equipment at a station. It will hopefully be obvious when these changes take place (ie as a result of completing a mission).

Mission Categories

This mission pack contains over 50 different missions and variations, but most of the missions fall into one of these general categories.

  • Hunter - Hunt down and destroy certain ships (asteroids, pirates, traders, Thargoids, police, etc).
  • Recovery - Find and collect certain items (cargo, derelicts, black boxes, data packets, etc).
  • Rescue - Locate and collect escape pods, deliver critical equipment to stricken ships, deliver medical supplies.
  • Delivery - Take cargo between one point and another, but outside the normal cargo mission system.
  • Covert - Install spying software, disrupt station economies, hack witchpoint beacons.
  • Donation - Donate money or cargo to charities to gain economic or legal advantages.

Required Equipment

Fuel/Cargo scoops and the Advanced Space Compass are required for many of the missions. If your ship lacks these items, certain missions will be unavailable.

Broadcast Comms MFD is also a requirement for many of the missions, as it provides an interface for ship-to-ship communications. If you have not purchased this item, some of the missions will be unavailable.

New Equipment

Some new equipment has been added with this OXP.

Range Finder MFD

When this item is purchased, installed and primed, you can press the "b" key (Mode) to switch the mode between escape capsules, black boxes, asteroids, ships and communication relays. Pressing the "n" (Activate) key will initiate a scan of the local area, up to a distance of 200km. The scan will take approximately 2 seconds to run, but will be run continuously until deactivated with the "n" key again. Any objects of the selected type within range will be displayed, along with the distance to the object. The range finder does not provide directional information.
The information returned by the scan is displayed in an MFD, so you will need to select an MFD slot (using the ":" key) and then select the Range Finder MFD (using the ";" key).

 Range Finder MFD
 Techlevel: 5
 Price: 250 cr

Note: When the Range Finder is activated, there will be a drain on your ships energy. If the Ship Configuration OXP is installed, engaging the Range Finder will also generate cabin heat.

Range Finder Extender

An additional device, a Range Finder Extender, can increase the range of the scanner to 500km.

 Range Finder Extender
 Techlevel: 9
 Price: 2650 cr

Required OXP's

The following OXP's are listed as required:

  • Bulletin Board System - Required as all missions are accessed through this interface.
  • BroadcastComms MFD - Required for missions that need ship-to-ship communications to take place. Also used for accepting or declining secondary missions.
  • Email System - Provides another interface for missions to be offered.

Recommended OXP's

The following OXP's are listed as recommended, in that additional text and/or gameplay options will become available if they are installed.

  • Snoopers - Some news items will be published periodically, which can add some flavour to game events.
  • Manifest Scanner - Can aid with finding cargo in other ships, which can be very important if you are on a mission to steal certain cargo.
  • Cargo Scanner - Can help with some missions to identify the contents of cargo containers.
  • Smugglers - The Galactic Underworld - Some additional opportunities are available through the Black Market interface in this OXP.

What else is in the box?

Reputations: The missions available to the player originate from a number of different entities - governments, corporations, factions of every stripe. As missions are performed for these entities your reputation will increase. However, given the number of entities involved, a new F4 interface screen has been created that combines all reputation information into an easy to read display. Also, any awards received can be displayed as well.

If you have the Library OXP installed, you additionally have the option of importing a variety of internal and OXP reputations into the screen, rather than having those reputations displayed on the F5F5 Manifest screen.


Download GalCopMissions.oxz v0.0.2 GalCopMissions.oxz
Download (OXP to extract to AddOns) v0.0.2


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit

Thanks to Svengali and Disembodied for their PhraseGen tool.
Special thanks to cim who has very kindly given permission to include his "Black Box" model from Rescue Stations in this OXP.
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Version History


  • Initial public release.

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