Fitzroy Smith

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Fitzroy Smith is a former shipping tycoon and rare collectible spaceship enthusiast. Head of the G1-Galactic Core Shipping Line, he's since retired to a private space station in a world out past the Devil's Triangle.


Born into a wealthy family based out of Lave for centuries, Smith sought to escape his family's deep roots by exploring the galaxy. Along the way he earned enough to start his own shipping line, which gave him time to indulge in his true passion: history. Specifically historical spaceships.

Renowned for his eccentricity as well as his collection, Fitzroy Smith gained a reputation for bringing his pet opossum everywhere, which he claims talks to him. He also has a habit of making spontaneous irrational wagers with people, and has a poor memory for people's faces at times. But his overriding charisma made him a powerhouse in the shipping industry, and a presence that was sorely missed when he chose to retire to tend to his personal collection full time.

Fitzroy Smith's collection is said to include an intact Thargoid warship (crew deceased and self-destruct deactivated), a Krait belonging to the Dread Pirate Svengali over seventy years ago, a Sidewinder owned by the assassin "Mr. Shush" (who retired rich and alive--a rare combination). There are also several prototype and concept vessels that never saw mass production, including the legendary Cobra MkII.

Current location

Fitzroy Smith has retired to his own personal space station, located in an asteroid belt near a world in the galactic south east of Galaxy 1. Though he does not discourage visitors, and in fact welcomes travellers interested in making unusual bets, he does not advertise his location either.