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F4 screen from the Vanilla game
F4 screen after being OXP'd
*Docked HUDs removes the HUD from the bottom of the screen leaving just the fuel bar & missile display
*Equipment Remove Item Color colours the sell options red
*Equipment Aide tells you how long installation/maintenance takes (last column)
*XenonUI adds the text in the margins - the helpful functional menu & sub-commands
*The list has been added to by OXPs: HUD Selector, Headlights, Naval Grid, Asteroids3D, Mine Safety Catch etc
File:BGS 1.10.9 F4.png
F4 screen ornamented by the older BGS (v.1.10.9).
Note the Vanilla game HUD at the bottom

This page is only accessible while docked - naturally - it controls the interface between your ship and the station you are docked at. the station can be an orbital station, a rock hermit or even a dockable vessel such as a liner. The F4 page is where you can interface with the station, GalCop etc.


  • The "Arrow keys" navigate around & between the pages, while the "Enter" key selects the option in question. Depeending on how many OXPs you have loaded, the ship-station interface can easily run to 3 or more pages!
  • There is (as yet) no F4F4 page.

Number of options on offer

The OXPs which you have loaded determine the number of options on offer! These are grouped by category:

Captains Log
Ship Systems
Station Interfaces

Changing the page

  • BGS 2.5.1 provides a backdrop of your ship's bridge - and appropriate station noises!
  • BGS 1.10.9 provides a more visible backdrop - with a suitable cacophonic accompaniment.
It also provides a key on the left for the F1-F8 buttons.
  • Werewolf's HUD nicely emphasises the monitor effect.
  • XenonUI provides an on-screen reference list of key commands for this and the other F4-F8 pages
  • Docked HUDs removes your HUD from the bottom of the page, leaving only the fuel bar & missile display. Some of the more recent HUDs do this automatically.