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This page is only accessible while docked.


  • The "Arrow keys" navigate around & between the pages, while the "Enter" key buys (or sells) the item in question.
  • Pressing the F3/3 button a second time toggles between the Ship Outfitting page with the Dockyard ships for sale page

Number of items on offer

The TL of the system you are in determines how long the page runs - the higher the technology level of the system, the larger the number of options on offer!

Very generally, the lower TL items will be found at the top of the first page, and the higher TL items at the end of the F3 pages.

For details of the items on offer see Oolite Equipment


The actual station at which you are docked determines the prices. Using the main system's GalCop orbital station as a base-line, you will find that Rock Hermits charge 3x the amount. Charges in other OXP station similarly can vary. Other GalCop stations will be the same, but others may vary widely.

Remove item color.png

Changing the list

  • Equipment & Weapons OXPs generally add to the list
  • Equipment Remove Item Color colours the sell options red (see pic)
  • Equipment Aide OXP tells you how long installation/maintenance takes (crucial for time-sensitive contracts!)
  • MaintenanceTuneUp.oxp keeps a Maintenance option on the list
  • Weapon Laws OXP can considerably shorten the list in Corporate & Democratic systems!
  • Equipment Storage OXP allows you to store unwanted equipment (or cargo) for a small fee
  • Laser Arrangement allows you to swap your lasers between your mounts (unless you are running Weapon Laws as well!)

Dockyard ships for sale page

Note that the ships are not necessarily well-maintained, and may need an expensive service. The more recently your ship has been serviced, the higher its trade-in value will be. Ditto for the more equipment you have on it.


  • XenonUI provides an on-screen reference list of key commands for this and the other F4-F8 pages