Extra Thargoids

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One of many Extra Thargoids


Extra Thargoids adds more varieties of Thargoid ships, each of which includes new surprises!

(1) Thargoid Gruntbuggly (which is tough-ish, large, fairly sluggish, and has a trick or two up its insectly sleeve!)
(2) Thargoid Terroriser Frigate: anti-Poet variant.
(3) Thargoid Minesweeper

This OXP works best with the Thargorn Threat OXP. (Tested with Thargorn Threat version 1.5.)


Minimum Version

Requires Oolite version 1.82


This OXP derives in considerable part from the Thargorn Threat OXP. That OXP was created by 'Arexack_Heretic' and modified by Eric Walch, who himself in so doing drew upon a version of the freaky thargoid shader by Ahruman. The Thargoid Threat OXP contains this statement: 'Created under Creative Commons Licence, as expansion on Oolite, created by Giles Williams (Aegidian). Look the relevant stuff up at http://oolite.aegidian.org. In short however; anyone is welcome to expand to or use parts of this OXP as long as credit is given where due, and as long as not in any commercial enterprise.' I am happy to give that credit!

The 'displacement' code in one of my scripts owes to Thargoid's Armoury OXP.

The displacement sound is an OGG conversion of 'stk-DM300_18.wav', which is a sound provided, under the Creative Commons License and via www.freesound.org/, by user 'stk'.

Other materials are adapted from stuff built-in to Oolite. For the license for Oolite itself, see the OoliteReadMe.pdf file included with that program.