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Grants a free Escape Pod at the outset of the game.


By granting the player a free escape pod they can escape at the cost of their cargo.

It's the one piece of equipment in the core (non-ironman) game that typically leaves you disadvantaged when you use it.

Starting again (or at least reloading a save) would actually be a less costly action in a great many cases, so as freebies go this is of questionable monetary value. It is however a way to keep a game and the 'player story' going that might otherwise need to be restarted. The player pays for a bad encounter rather than being destroyed by it. The penalty is losing your cargo, and some (often extensive) damage to your equipment, without also paying a 1,000 credits for the privilege (which is not even affordable from the standard game start).


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Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Not everyone buys these. But if an uninterrupted story line is important to you...