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equipment-overrides.plist is added with Oolite 1.89.

It loads after all the equipment.plist data is read in. Whenever it finds a match with a key that also exists in equipment.plist of any oxp, it overwrites the entries defined in equipment-overrides.plist but leaves the others as they were.

The structure of the file is slightly different to the equipment.plist file, which is an array of arrays. This is a dictionary of dictionary objects. Each element of an equipment definition is specified with it's own unique property name. A sample file is shown below.

    techlevel = 7;
    price = 50000;
    short_description = "Laser Pointer";
    long_description = "A simple, all purpose (but weak) laser. Only useful for irritating pirates.";
    available_to_all = YES;
    weapon_info = {
      color = "whiteColor";

See OXP_howto for an overview about the other plists.