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Esteemed Commander,

The Galactic Guild of Elite Traders (G.E.T.) has studiously considered your application and is pleased to inform you of your admittance to our Order. We maintain Guild Houses in all systems of the Eight Charts, and you can be assured of a hearty welcome wherever your voyages now take you.

May the GETTING exceed the Taking! - Refrain from combat and assume our gentle mantle, and reward will be equally forthcoming.

Yours most Truly,

Grand Master Exoloön of Inera.

Brother GETter,

The storied intergalactic Elite ranking is attainable for ship Captains of every disposition, peaceful or warlike. Eschew the space-lane on Station approach and watch your Grade soar as you dock with our Markets, trade skillfully, and doggedly ply the celestial Milk Run.

Note well that the ascending Grades of G.E.T. do not countenance the recondite practices of many of today's free traders. We are traditionalists. Contracts are frowned upon, as is opportunistic scooping and the sale of mined minerals and the dealing in precious stones and metals. Our Assessors will not credit you for such sales. We'll meet you on the Market floor or nowhere else. As one of our crasser pooker-playing Brothers once coined: if it ain't paid, the score's not made. We're about buying and selling.

You may note with an ironic smile that G.E.T. cares little whether Galcop deems your bought goods illegal... We have small truck with that legislative body - but our situation is one of mutual tolerance. With us, your record is always clean, and all trades legitimate in our eyes.

As it forever has been, Market Observer and Market Inquirer by Brother Spara, adjuncts to your calling, are almost de rigueur. Do not exit a space-dock without them!

Trade well! One day we'll meet for a toast in the Halls of Inera with the Exalted.

Your friend and mentor,

Dor Reval of Xexedi, Supreme, Serendipitous & Serene Space Grocer.


To lay this out in plain Common Galspeak... The accomplished and non-belligerent G.E.T. Brother will witness various astrogational marvels in respect to his, her, or its spacecraft, to wit:

A continual upward evolution in

  • Speed
  • Shield strength
  • Shield recharge rate
  • Energy levels

In addition to

  • A ship forever in good repair
  • Automatic, free refuelling
  • No mass-lock, except at Main Station (Oolite >1.85)
  • A permanently 'clean' Galcop record
  • A clone of their ship, gratis, in every spaceyard, should they wish to reset their augmented speed, energy, and shield strength to nominal. (Oolite >1.89)

Unless the Brother strays - in which case none of the above apply.


PS. Gratitude is due to Spara, Dybal, and another_commander for their encouragement, advice, and - above all - the education of a Javascript neophyte.



Immersive G.E.T. messages at every stage of the voyage.

Successful trading brings useful rewards.


Minor cosmetic enhancements.

On Arrival Screen, speed-reward status message is not shown if another OXP resets the ship's maxSpeed (Masslock Compensator is a known culprit).


Cosmetic enhancements (contextual comms messages).

Destroying other ships--as opposed to damaging them to aid escape--brings System G.E.T. disapprobation and a bout of penance (no Elite score or rewards).


Feature update (see bullets above)


Oolite v1.79 or later. ????


Do not unzip the .oxz file, just move into the AddOns folder of your Oolite installation.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 4.0. If you are re-using any piece of this OXP, please let me know by sending an e-mail to ??. ????


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