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Sleek, and dead black, the only giveaway this ship has is the bright yellow sun burst on the wings. Don't let those fool you, as they make very little difference when you are trying to aim up on this black menace. Of course, Mandotech Ind. likes to think of this ship being used as a defense ship, or escort, or some other role well within the law. Unfortunately, pirates have obtained them as well, so keep your eyes open for a bat attack.



If you can imagine an even sleeker version of the SunBat, it may look like the pictures to the left. Not only did the designers at Mandotech manage to make the ship more stream lined, it is also .05LM faster than the original, and much harder to kill. Alas, we felt that going any further in this direction would only cause trouble, as the pirates have obtained the SunBatMkII as well.



To top off (or should I say "bottom off") the SunBat line is the much larger NovaBat. While not as fast as either of the first two ships, it still boast a max-speed of .500LM. Add to that more missiles, heavy duty lasers, and three times the cargo capacity, and you have a really nice trader ship, able to fend for itself.