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Sleek, minimalist HUD design when docked. If you use a HUD expansion pack, instead of the standard HUD, check the forum for compatibility notes.


Replaces the HUD of your choice while docked with a minimal HUD showing only

  • fuel gauge (in case you need to refuel)
  • missile display (in case you need to buy more)

The rest is banished until you launch!

Note: some HUDs do this automatically without the need for this OXP.



  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0
  • Author: Wildeblood
  • Version: 1.1
  • Required Oolite Version: 1.80


You'll find the fuel bar helpful. I used to have a Docked HUDs OXP with three HUD files. One had the fuel bar, one the missile display, and the last the missile display, very faint (opacity 20% IIRC). There was nothing else on them except the clock, and in later versions the commlog position.

... Anyway, becoming relevant, I used guiScreenChanged & playerBoughtEquipment, rather than shipDockedWithStation & shipWillLaunchFromStation (which were used by my main HUD), so it was immune to interference by my main HUD script. It first checked player.ship.docked (Do I really need to say that?), then the fuel and, if necessary, missile count and selected need-fuel-hud.plist, need-missiles-hud.plist or missiles-full-hud.plist (a.k.a. need nothing).

To any non-forum-members reading along, I recommend this as a my first OXP exercise. The script is simple, the HUD files are ridiculously simple, the result looks fairly slick, and putting it all together is just tedious enough to leave you feeling satisfied when you finish!



Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Great for the aesthetics - but less relevant for gameplay balance!