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Need some help with aligning correctly with a station's docking bay? Just switch on your Dock Assist System™.


While manually docking with a rotating station may seem an easy task for a veteran space hog, it has proved to be a considerable hurdle for new pilots. Sure, the station beacon helps with aligning with the docking bay, but it can still be fiddly to stay exactly in-between the beacon and the bay, constantly switching between front and rear view for adjustments. Shouldn't there be a better system?

Now it turns out there is. All GalCop main stations are actually equipped with a band of cold-plasma light signals reaching all the way out to the navigational beacon. It's like the runway markings on a traditional airport. All you have to do is to ask the station to switch on these light signals for you.

And that's exactly what Foole's Systems™ Dock Assist System™ is for. Foole's Systems™ is always striving to bring you the latest and greatest in computerized assistance for your convenience in tight situations. And the Dock Assist System™ does not disappoint. Once it is installed on your ship, you can activate any GalCop station's runway markings by hitting 'N' when you're reasonably close. The Dock Assist System™ will automatically de-activate when you dock, leave the station's immediate vicinity, or jump out.

Foole's Systems™ Dock Assist System™ not only guides you on the ideal flight path towards the docking bay, but also warns you when you're in danger of colliding with a launching ship. When this happens, the two bands of green lights to your right and left are replaced with a single band of red lights in the centre of your view. You should then halt your approach and wait until the launching ship has cleared your path. Remember: launching ships always have priority, you have to give way.

Foole's Systems™ Dock Assist System™ is available in every equipment department with a tech level of 5 or more for only 95 ₢. Once it is installed and connected to your ship's computer, you can select it with 'SHIFT-N' and activate it with 'N'.

If you feel that you no longer need Foole's Systems™ Dock Assist System™, you can resell it in every equipment department of the appropriate tech level for a nominal fee of only 10 ₢. 60% of its original price will be refunded.

Minimum Requirements

This OXP requires at least Oolite 1.76.

Download Location

This OXP is available for download via


Move or copy the file Dock_Assist_System1.3.oxp from the download folder into your AddOns folder. Where that resides depends on your installation. Don't forget to remove any previous version. Restart Oolite.