Distant Realms

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Names the Galactic Regions on the F6 map.

This OXP sets the title of the chart screen specifically according to which system is currently selected as your destination. So, e.g., if you select any of the systems near Tianve on chart 1, the screen title could change from Galactic Chart to The Pulsar Worlds.

Available through the in-game Expansions Manager under the title Distant Realms (because "Regional Chart Titles" sounded too bland). It is to be found in the Ambience category. It adds the regions described on the wiki for charts 1 and 2.

By Wildeblood (2014) who also wrote Galaxy Names OXP


  • Similar effects are accomplished in game by the use of GalCop Galactic Registry which although only accessible while docked through the F4 interface, lists all the systems in the region etc.