Curse of the Black Sunspot

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Curse of the Black Sunspot is a short mission OXP set in a nondescript backwater of Galaxy 3.

It will start when the player is in Galaxy 3 with an Elite rating of at least Dangerous. The mission involves a couple of tricky fights, but can be completed with a standard Cobra III.

This is an "informal" mission - no-one is hiring you: there is simply a situation which you can choose to interact with or avoid. Therefore, it might take you a while before you find out where to go and what to do to find the situation. Alternatively, you might accidentally stumble into it while going about your normal business.

No other OXPs are required, though Random Ship Names is strongly recommended, and users of Snoopers and New Cargoes will find a few additional hints about the situation delivered through the messages in those OXPs (though nothing you can't find out through other sources).

I must say I thought this mission was superb - easily the most cleverly crafted and challenging one I have done so far. Thanks very much!
(Commander Tricky)


This OXP requires Oolite 1.80 or later. Shaders are used in a few places for improved graphics, but the OXP can be played without them.


Many thanks to Solonar and Diziet Sma for beta testing and feedback.

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