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Automatically varies the gun-sight cross-hairs according to the current danger level (green - yellow - red).


This OXP changes the way the gun-sight cross-hairs behave in Oolite.

In standard Oolite the crosshairs change appearance depending on the type of weapons installed. With this OXP installed the cross-hairs instead change depending on the current alert level. At green alert only a minimal centre-mark is shown. At yellow alert When other ships are in the vicinity the larger four-vaned cross-hair, previously associated with the pulse laser, appears. In red alert combat situations the more complex cross-hair, previously associated with the military laser, appears.

The mining laser continues to have its distinctive gun-sight associated with it.

When the ASC/Advanced space compass is set to its target tracking mode the combat cross-hairs appear, regardless of the current alert level.


Cannot be used simultaneously with Select-o-matic Crosshairs.


  • License: "Public Domain"
  • Author: Wildeblood
  • Version: 1.0
  • Required Oolite Version: 1.80


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


This may help more than the other alerts in your HUD, it may not.