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If you buy Combat MFD equipment then your Multi-Function Displays will display some info from your ship:

  • energy,
  • forward and aft shields,
  • fuel,
  • speed,
  • the lastly damaged equipment and how many others are damaged,

and your target's:

  • name,
  • laser weapon type and range (after a shot),
  • shield radius,
  • speed,
  • distance,
  • status (legal or derelict).

Use the ";" and ":" keys to select an MFD and enjoy the view. ;)

Speeds are calculated from the travelled distance to be compatible with the velocity-based modifiers like Q-Charger OXP and extreme speeds in FarPlanets OXP.

Compatible with Telescope OXP if lock far targets and ShieldEqualizer+Capacitors OXP: if shields are over 100% then shield capacitors are filled also.




Oolite 1.79 or later.


Do not unzip the .oxz file, just move into the AddOns folder of your Oolite installation.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 4.0. If you are re-using any piece of this OXP, please let me know by sending an e-mail to


Combat MFD v1.2 (downloaded 277 times).

Combat MFD v1.1 (downloaded 254 times).

Combat MFD v1.0 (downloaded 269 times).


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2014.07.06. v1.2  Show the name of the lastly damaged equipment.
                  Show the target's laser type and range after a shot.
                  Energy and Shields are displayed in percents only.
2014.07.05. v1.1  Must buy Combat MFD as an equipment.
                  Legal status display need Scanner Targeting Enhancement.
                  Show Telescope far target names without km.
                  Can show Empty, Mined and Usable ship status with Towbar.
                  Wormhole target supported with Wormhole Scanner equipment.
2014.07.02. v1.0  More info displayed by Norby.
2014.06.30. v0.1  Some info displayed by Zireael.