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Adds an audible notification that the view has been changed.


By default, changing the view to forward, aft, port or starboard occurs silently. In most cases this is fine, as the player will normally have been the one to trigger the change, so there would appear, on the surface at least, to be no need for any sound to play as well. However, in this age of live streaming and YouTube recordings, changing the view without some sort of sound can leave an audience wondering what happened on the screen. By including a small sound, those watching can be alerted to the fact that the player has just done something.

Note: If you are using an AppleMac, be warned that the machine gets so engrossed, exhilarated and exultant playing Oolite that it forgets to make sounds at the appropriate moments. See Unresolved Issues with the Mac version of Oolite


I know it's simple but I love the change view oxp.

It is frustrating how many times I have previously wondered why a course of action in my piloting has not had that desired effect, only to realise to my embarrassment that I am not looking through the view that I thought I was.

This should help prevent this from occurring (although I do realise that stupidity matching or often exceeding innovation is pretty much a universal constant).

(Damocles Edge)


Download ChangeViewSound.oxz v1.0 (downloaded 64 times).



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