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This page collects the zillions of different varieties of missiles & bombs.

For tips on using them, try: Missile tactics & Using weapons of mass destruction

The following OXPs contain large amounts of missiles & bombs (and are the main source of the list beneath):

Armoury by Thargoid
Missile Combat Reimagined by Redspear
Missiles and Bombs also by Ramirez

Note that there are a number of other OXPs which also affect missiles or bombs:

Missile Combat Reimagined changes a number of things including susceptibility to ECM
Missile Analyser
Missile Booster
Missile Beep
[[ ]].

... and also [[ ]] & [[ ]]

The Vanilla game missiles & bombs are:

Missile (Faulcon de Lacy HM3 Homing Missile)
ECM Hardened Missile (Faulcon de Lacy ECM-hardened HMX5 homing missile)
Quirium Cascade Mine (Tyley-Feynman Quirium Cascade Mine)
Energy Bomb (Medusa Pandora Self-homing Energy Bomb) - discontinued, replaced by the Quirium Cascade Mine above