Breakable 'Standard' Equipment OXPs

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This is a little project to create a series of OXP's to make some of the 'standard' ship equipment such as the HUD/Scanner, Witchspace Drive, and Torus Drive into visible equipment items that can be damaged in combat, giving reduced functionality until repaired in the normal way. These are intended for the commander who wants to make their Ooniverse that little bit more difficult to live in.


The first release is the Breakable HUD/IFF Scanner - when damaged the HUD flickers on and off at random with an accompanying warning siren. It costs 750 credits to repair at any station. The visible equipment item is fitted to the commander's current ship and any newly purchased ship automatically and for free.

Download the Breakable HUD/IFF Scanner from the box. A sample save file with an already damaged scanner can also be downloaded from the box.

Discussion Topic can be found at the Oolite BB.