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The renowned bounty hunter Derik Roh'i - picture taken outside Lave Academy


Bountyhunters are roguish types that excel at, and often love, combat. Common folk fear them and law-folk think of them as slightly less evil than pirates. They tend to be loners and can often be found lurking in a dark corner of a dive, their back to the wall.

In space

Often masquerading as a small trader, like you, they can be found everywhere that pirates like to hang out and ambush traders.

Favorite vessels

Bountyhunters worship military prowess, so their ships are generally armed to the teeth.


It is highly advisable to have some upgraded attack and defence options on your ship: a beam laser, some shield and energy enhancements.

It is also highly recommended that the Scanner Targeting Enhancement is purchased, as this can provide some crucial information to the HUD to help with identifying potential targets. The STE can be purchased from any TL12 system for 450₢.

Fuel Scoops: Some fighters favored by the bounty hunter have a small amount of cargo space, and the scoop comes in handy for capturing the eject pods of your marks for additional bounty collection. Even if the ship has no room for scooped eject pods, ie the Asp, the scoop comes in handy for a solar refuel.

Becoming a Bounty Hunter

note that this is before the major changes to the vanilla game ( with v.1.80/1.82) where pirates started visiting local "safe" systems - and their combat AI's were much improved.