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Size (W×H×L) 95.1m×19.5m×60m
Cargo capacity 40 TC
Cargo bay extension N/A
Maximum speed 0.380 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 2.1
Pitch: 1.3
Energy banks 5
Energy recharge rate

Excellent (5.0)

Gun mounts All
Missile slots 6
Shield boosters available Yes
Military shields available Yes
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player Yes
Base price 290000 Cr


Adds a mid-range multi-role ship. Used by pirates and traders alike.


Download the Boomslang here, please note that this is a WIP OXP.


Download the Boomslang v.2 here. This has been edited by Jar, see the readme included with the OXP for further details.

Version History

v. 1.0 Release by milinks
(trumping both Frame & Ahruman from releasing a ship with the same name) v. 1.1 A few bug fixes by Uncle Reno
v. 2.0 Overhaul by Jar. Deleted script.plist and AI dir. Added views, weapons positions, ejection location, route1trader.plist, role of trader, increased missile spaces to 6 in number. And see below!


Boomslang MK III

Boomslang MK III.png

A few years after the first series of the Cobra Mark III, Arthur Reeblax designed a ship for his plan to explore the 'Alien'-planets anywhere between Ceesxe and Isatre, that he called Boomslang MK-II (not MK-I because he is afraid of the one, but this is another story). However his second or third flight ended in a disaster because he had been caught by pirates. They hadn't found any cargo so they took instead his construction plan for the Boomslang MK-III and sold it at the next station. Some old pilots without much money saw great potential in this shipdesign and bought the construction plan with the rest of their money and founded the 'NES Company'. The ship they built - the Boomslang MK-III - hasn't this big fuel tank of the MK-II anymore, instead it has slots for lasers and missiles and more space for cargo. The Boomslang MK-III has slightly better values than the Cobra Mark III which makes the Boomslang MK-III to a popular choice for trader, smugglers, pirates or as escort ship or fighter.


Download (2016)


Boomslang MK IV

Boomslang MK IV.png

The originally purpose of the Boomslang MK-II was to explore Alien-planets. The next version - the Boomslang MK-IV - hasn't this big fuel tank of the MK-II anymore, instead it has slots for lasers and missiles and more space for cargo. The Boomslang MK-IV is a popular choice for traders, smugglers or pirates.


Download (2016)


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