Biarge United Shipyards

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Hand me a ship, and we will return you a weapon - the motto of Biarge United Shipyards never failed. They are famous all over The Eight for their modifications of any given ship type into a (very) deadly attack craft. It is a syndicate of private and government companies controlled by a board of directors under the leadership of the president of Biarge Shipyard Ltd. With close ties to numerous militaries and police forces, their power exceeds that of some national leaders.


In the humble beginnings, there was just a backyard repair shop, mostly making a living from scavenging and small ship repairs. However, one day the team found a wrecked Green Gecko and hit the jackpot. After months of studying the remains from this ship the Gecko "Dragon Class" was designed, the beginning of the biggest and most influential shipyard of all Multi-Government worlds.

While nobody knew how their invention would be received on the open market they made sure that every single system and the entire design was protected by GalCop patents which covered each of The Eight. Finally, their first 10 fighters were offered at the system main-station. After the first skepticism and some test-flights, the orders started to pour in, individuals, organizations, and governments intended to buy 100's of ships every day, soon the reservations reached 5000. While booking every available space in shipyards in sector 1, several workshops and a space-dock in Biarge were purchased, and Biarge Shipyard Ltd was founded.

With a lot of capital at hand the decision was made to purchase the license for the Fer de Lance NG, which included the designs for their high-speed engines. What at the beginning seemed to be a good investment soon became a challenge. After Zorgon Petterson Group announced the 3G series of the Fer-de-Lance ships the drafts for the new ships had to be adapted.

The Mega Bat Mark I is a collaboration with SensimTrading who owns the original license of the Fruit Bat. Both companies share the production and the profits and this fighter is still in high demand.


The HQ of the company is located in Biarge in the Iron Stars region of Sector One.


A heavy fighter based on the high-tech of the mysterious Avernus Orbital. Available on the open market.
An improved Fer-de-Lance, the best-selling models (NG-2F & NG-2N) are more utilitarian (without the burring walnuts)!
A medium fighter/escort, most notable for 3x front lasers. While the design is from the company, the production and profits are split with SensimTrading.


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