Beatnik's Cobra

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Captain Beatnik's retexture of the Cobra Mk3 with a new HUD

Beatniks shipset pic 002.png


Captain Beatnik created some very impressive Coluber ships and HUDs, not to mention the striking Sodalite station at Riredi. This is the very first of what was going to be a set of retextures for the Vanilla game shipset.

This .oxp is WIP. It replaces the original shipset:

  • New textures with some more details;
  • adds a emission-map;
  • adds some flashers;
  • individual HUD and crosshairs for each playership;
  • some minor changes in the shipdata.plist



  • Author: Captain Beatnik
  • License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
  • Minimum Oolite version: 1.75
  • OXP version: 0.2.0 alpha


This work is derived from the original configuration files and artwork that come with the Oolite© program package.

Thanks a lot to Giles C Williams (aegidian) and all contributors for developing Oolite.
Special thanks to Smivs, CaptSolo and CommonSenseOTB. I have learned very much by studying their work.