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Old model Witchpoint Beacon

Beacons exist in two varieties: those which merely transmit a signal in space, and those which also act as a visible beacon.

The most commonly encountered (particularly in the Vanilla game) are the Station Buoy and the Witchpoint Beacon.

  • The Station Buoy is a vital introduction since the Elite era, much reducing accidents during docking with the station.
  • The Witchpoint beacon has revolutionised interstellar travel since the Elite era, but now gives the ever-increasing plague of pirates somewhere to find their prey in more anarchic systems.
Buoy Repair facility

Detecting Beacons

Whilst the two beacons above can be located throughout the system (if you have an Advanced Space Compass), other beacons may have more limited ranges.

  • The Compass in the Vanilla game detects the first only.
  • The other beacons are detectable by the ASC or Advanced Space Compass (depending on range).
  • Telescope is an OXP which enables detection of beacons from a distance on one's viewscreens (F1-F4 in flight) - rather than just the compass.

Other Beacons

The other beacons can be found in the OXPs.

  • Docking stations have their own beacons: Click [[1]] and mouse down to the Dockables section.
  • Rock Hermits have their own set of OXPs which attach beacons with variable detection distances .
  • To place your own beacons to help locate things see Tracker OXP and Waypoint Here.

Other OXPs

  • Buoy Repair introduces some impressive looking buoy repair facilities to your Ooniverse.
  • GalCop Missions includes some minor missions involving beacons.