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Based on the planet Aqualina in the Aqualine system in Galaxy 3, the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corporation has become the predominant producer of ships in the area. Owing to the world's almost completely aquatic nature, the roots of the Corporation are in marine and sub-marine shipbuilding for the amphibious humanoid inhabitants of the planet.

Owing to the unusual nature of the world and the distinct lack of dry land, the evolution of construction has been more nature-based than industrial. The ships tend to have a more organic nature, often constructed using material such as coral and volcanic alloys.

When their ships spread out beyond the locality, this very distinctive construction quickly caught the attention of the ship-buying public. Belying their appearance, the range soon proved as tough and adaptable as their producers, leading to reliance and orders from both the civilian, military and Galcop sectors of the market.

Notable Features

The Barracuda is designed as a tough little escort fighter, with very strong shielding and excellent handling at the expense of its cargo carrying capacity. Often seen guarding the heavy HammerHead hauler carriers around, this ship has also seen combat with both military and police versions. It is also not unknown for pirates and other less savoury characters to get their hands on them, as their low profile and deliberately dark colouration makes them very difficult to counter in a fight.

All in all it's a strong little ship that does not disgrace its namesake.


The Barracuda is part of the Aquatics OXP, written by Thargoid.