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Automatic ECM System - simple auto-firing system for ECM.

Name Auto-ECM
Cost 1,200₢
TL Availability 8


This is a watered-down ECM-only antimissile system inspired by Ramirez's chaff launcher, Thargoid's AMS/Anti Missile System, Cmdr Wyvern's Automatic Chaff System (which was based on Thargoid's AMS and Ramirez's Chaff Dispenser), and Screet's Missile Countermeasures (which was based on Cmdr Wyvern's Automatic Chaff System).

It's not "intelligent" -- it just fires the ECM *ONCE* when a missile is fired at the player's ship. In a sense, you can assume many NPC ships already have this equipment. It will warn but not fire the ECM if the energy levels are really low. It can be enabled/disabled, via equipment case you'd prefer to manually use ECM or if you have other OXP equipment that has the same effect. Even when enabled, ECM can still be fired manually...but not more often than normal.

Purpose of this equipment

I recognize that there are quite a few anti-missile systems out there, most of which use the ECM as well. But I saw none that used ONLY the ECM.

Pretty much all of them seem to utilize hammerspace with equipment that I don't see as very small. They need their own special ammo bin and launcher either firing forwards, firing/dropping rearwards, or both. Chopping specialized holes in the exterior of the player's ship can't help the overall resale value, especially if those items are later removed. While fluff-wise the Cobra 3 does have some unused internal space, I didn't get the impression it was in a convenient location for external exits. On top of this, the antimissile systems serve to devalue the somewhat expensive ECM-resistant "hardhead" missiles as well as quite a few even more expensive (but typically more powerful) OXP missiles. NPC ships cannot use the OXP antimissile equipment, at least not without additional complex scripting. In short, they have serious game balance issues. They're too good (some at least are), have few/no weaknesses (cost-wise or space used), and/or player only.

There may be a minor conflict with this and Cmdr Wyvern's Automatic Chaff System, Ramirez's Chaff Launcher, Thargoid's Anti Missile System, and/or Screet's Missile Countermeasures.

The ECM may fire multiple times consecutively per each incoming missile as a result, rapidly depleting your energy banks.

So it's best to have only 1 such system installed or activated. (Good thing Auto-ECM can be disabled!)

But even together, the OXPs will not cause the ECM to fire faster than you could manually.

Version history

  • 0.4 Minor Readme changes and converted over to the OXZ format, so only compatible with Oolite v1.79 and later.
  • 0.3 Readme changes and updated the script version to 0.3 as well as stating only compatible with Oolite v1.75 and later.
  • 0.2 Minor cleanups...
  • 0.1 Initial testing phase (pre-release)


  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0
  • Author: Switeck
  • Version: 0.4
  • Required Oolite Version: v.1.79


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


This usually helps with enemy missiles. But it is not infallible.