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Escape Suit 01.PNG

A Space suit you can dive out of the orbital station in, down to the Planet below (Planetfall OXP required)


  • Silly little OXP as a tribute to the bravery of both Nasa and Felix Baumgartner:
  • A Space suit you can dive out of the space station from to the Planet below (planetfall oxp required)
  • Also added as an NPC shuttle, and a minimal HUD
  • As Planetfall requires Docking computers, these are equipped as standard (hence silly)
  • Be careful as you leave the station, you'll be in the way of other traffic and slow to get out of their way


  • Complex: See documentation & BB Thread below
  • By Knotty


Boxcn (2012) Download, unzip and bung in the AddOns folder (see OXP if more detail is needed)!


Marziani verdi Martelli Veloce e Appuntita - out-Fer's the Fer-de-Lance for luxury & style
Realistic Stars - makes Oolite skies more similar to what we know (star density, brightness, nebulae, sun distance etc)
Gigantophis v0.1 - heavy cargo vessel (2018)