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A commodity found on the F8 markets screen.

Industrial metals. Quite often heavy-plastics and ceramics are sold under the misnomer Alloys.

Traded in TCs & stored in the Cargo Hold for trade.

Cheaper on industrial worlds, and more expensive at agricultural worlds.

  • Metal fragments (say from a destroyed foe in battle) can be scooped, and will render 1TC of alloys.
  • Deep Space Dredgers have very cheap alloys for sale from waste reclamation.
  • Icesteroids yield alloys when mined

New Cargoes OXP

New Cargoes is an OXP which allows trade specifically in such items as bronze, duralium and solar shielding.

The major legal specific variants of the alloys commodity are

Decorative alloys: Bronze, polished Quirstone, alloys of gold and silver, and other largely decorative materials.
Ceramics: High strength ceramics used for heat shielding for spacecraft and high-temperature worlds.
Duralium: The primary alloy used in the construction of spaceship hulls.
Heavy plastics: Heavy plastics used as a substitute for metals where typical metal properties are unwanted.
Solar shielding: A thick glass, providing protection from solar flares and other solar activity.