Aegidian Industries

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Aegidian Industries is a large conglomerate which inter-alia produces military matériel for the Galactic Navy.

Aegidian Shipyards

Aegidian Spaceworks

Aegidian Spaceworks works solely in the production of military matériel.

Aegidian Woodworks

AW maintain at least one of their laboratories at Xexedi, where it works as a contractor for the Zorgon Petterson Group:

  • The magnificent burr walnut paneling in ZPG's Fer-de-Lance is specially manufactured by Aegidian Woodworks.

Berner Workshops

Based at Xexedi, a leading manufacturer of Extra Energy Units.

Williams Avionics

Produce Astrogation Consoles.


There are continual rumours of some sort of link between the higher echelons of Aegidian Industries and the Supreme Sacerdotes of the Church of Giles the Creator.

Alternative History

An alternative history is provided in the Oolite timeline:

  • 3125 Commander Peter Jameson begins career as space trader. (start of the original Elite game)
  • 3134 Modern Galactic Mean Time is established.
  • 3136 The GCW Transit Authority finally respond to nearly a decade of petitioning by pilots and install docking approach beacons for all space stations. These allow new pilots to easily line their ships up for docking. In the first few months of service, these beacons reduce docking accidents by 32%.
  • 3137 GASEC unveils a new space station design – the Icosahedral station, or Ico.
The Aegidian SpaceWorks company releases three new ships onto the market. This company is a small, independent workshop that makes ships on contract. Their popularity spawns many ‘garage’ spacecraft hull manufacturers in GalCop territory, each working on a contractual basis. This sort of operation is banned in both the Federation and the Empire
  • 3139 Murgh & Son become the second garage vessel manufacturer to become popular on a large scale, becoming Murgh Shipyards.
  • 3147 Peter Jameson Junior, Commander Jameson's second child, is born (conjectural - assumes twenty or so years of his chosen career (one that he loved) before considering children). (Oolite starts)