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Start with a 5TC cargo bay Adder and 1000₢


One of the minor thread running through the bulletin board over the years is that the Cobra Mk III - even without all the improvements - is a very impressive ship compared to all the others. So starting with the smallest and cheapest hyper-jump capable ship would create much more of a challenge - and also be more realistic. One would have to work one's way up to the Cobra rather than starting with it.

The extra credits and the extended cargo bay give a good boost to the progression and a few more more options. Among them is the possibility to start relatively quickly Quirium harvesting with phkb's Fuel Tweaks (note that adders come with External Heat Shielding).

Comparison        Speed    Cargo Upgrade    Laser Mounts    Missile Bays    Energy Banks & Recharge    Roll & Pitch 

Cobra Mk III       35lm    20 -> 35 TC        4 mounts           4                H          40           J   E                     
Adder with 5TC     24lm    done! 5 TC max    fore only           1                C          20           N   J     

                   Details from the OoliteRS (Reference Sheets) which came as a .pdf in your original game download

Note that the regular Adder only hold 2TC of cargo, so this "Adder start" gives one a considerable leg up the ladder, albeit from a much lower position on the rungs.


  • License:CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  • Author: Astrobe
  • Version: 1.0
  • Required Oolite Version: v.1.84


  • Start Choices is on the in-game Expansions Manager and includes the Adder start.

Gameplay and Balance Indicator


A much more difficult start - a slower ship, holding very little cargo, poorer shields, no rear laser mount, etc.