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ADCK's Eagles V1.1 OXP

Eagle001.jpg Eagle002.jpg Eagle003.jpg Eagle004.jpg


Concept and Idea: ADCK,
New textures and models: ADCK,
Mark 1, 2 & 3 are inspired by David Brabens Frontier/FFE
Eagle Long Range Fighter Mk 1 Eagle Long Range Fighter Mk 2 Eagle Long Range Fighter Mk 3
Mark 4 is created by ADCK, inspired by the other eagles

(Includes shaders which require Oolite 1.69 or later)


Adds 4 Eagle Long Range Fighters to the game, the Mark 1, 2 & 3 are from David Brabens Frontier/FFE. the Mark 4 is ADCK's invention inspired by the other eagles.

There are 8 different colours to each Eagle, and 4 player versions (the color of these can be changed in the shipdata.plist by easily editing the "diffuse" line.)

This were the first models ADCK made for Oolite.

For more variety, the author suggests downloading Eagle Mk II OXP, it's completely compatible with this oxp.

This is also a resource, use it in your own oxp's freely. (But be nice and give credit)


Before installation, be sure to delete any previous versions of adcks_eagles.oxp Extract the adcks_eagles.oxp into your Addons directory of Oolite. Just to be sure startup Oolite with the SHIFT-key pressed until you see the spinning CobraMKIII.

Law Stuff

The following:

neolite-std.fs neolite-std.vs

Are original Works of: Simon Bridge

Everything else is a free-for-all resource. Public Domain Blah blah blah, really, you can do whatever you like with it.


Download ADCK's Eagles 1.1 on Box.Net