Fer-de-Lance (classic)

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Dimensions 85 x 20 x 45
Cargo capacity 2 TC
Armaments Ergan Laser;
IFS Seek & Hunt
Maximum speed 0.30 LM
In-service date 3100 AD, Zorgon
Maneuverability CF 5
Crew 12
Drive motors Titronix Intersun
Ionic for LT
Hull stress factor T Ji 10
Hyperspace capable Yes
Game versions Classic


A Zorgon Petterson Group (Zee Pee Gee) designed vessel favored by well- heeled bounty hunter and freewheeling business corporations. A sophisticated craft, capable of both limited trading, combat, and leisure function. The spacious hull is mainly given over to sophisticated weaponry, defences and navigation equipment at the expense of cargo capacity. Cabin accommodation is large and luxurious with extensive Owndirt Inc. recycling facilities, encouraging extended live-in periods (useful whilst pursuing a quarry). Fuel scoop is a standard fitting, ensuring complete self-sufficiency.

A Fer-de-Lance bobbing around.

Dry Dock

During coding of Classic Elite 'dry-dock' code was used to view some of the ships during development (referred to as *VIEW on Ian Bell's web site). A movie for the Fer-de-Lance generated using *VIEW run under the BBC emulator BeebEm3 is available here.