Vanilla game

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This is the basic game without any added OXPs. If you choose Strict Game when you start up Oolite, this will constrain you to the basic vanilla game, excluding whatever OXP/OXZs you may have loaded.

It used to be very different. The strict game before Oolite v.1.80 was not just an OXP-less version of Oolite. It was a mildly modified version of Classic Elite.

Optional equipment lost:

  • Fuel Injectors
  • anti-ECM missiles ("hard heads")
  • shield boosters
  • scanner targeting enhancements

Game options lost:

  • contract hauling
  • the F5F5 cargo-hold manifest screen
  • the F3F3 shipyard

Other losses:

  • no navigation beacons
  • no stopping at a standstill

But it did have the Energy Bomb - which has since been replaced with the Quirium Cascade Mine! But then so did the main Oolite game!

Cim started the process of changing the strict game away from this. See the discussion here.


  • Oolite for the History of the development of Oolite