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Dor Reval of Xexedi

G.E.T. Brother, formerly Commander, Dor Reval - a Laver of amphibioid parentage - now consider themselves Xexedian. Climbing slickly up the Grade-rungs of the ubiquitous Guild, and consequently sworn never to kill, Dor is as of this moment a lowly Master Trader, Grade 3.

They - for a frogoid's gender-states are mutable - retain an irrational attachment to the title 'Grocer' (preferably preceded by between one and three superlatives) and insist on being addressed as such. 'Grocer Reval' is ribbed, but indulged, by Guild Brothers about this quirk.

Zealous tuner-in to, and avid collector of, the prolific holo-despatches of investigative reporter Tea Mereso, Dor has been overheard to say that a single burning desire and ambition is to meet, and one day wed, her. (Or them, for the pair are indeed species-compatible.) Dor eyes friend and Brother Fens Buber, who has conversed and travelled with the elusive object of desire, with sometimes ill-concealed, though always good-natured, envy. They continue to plead for an introduction.

The Grocer's growing cachet within the Order as an innovator - Dor attended Lave Engineering Academy for two years before stealing an elder sibling's Asp II, hastily re-registering her Laenina's Flux and lighting out for the Spaceway - has secretly rankled with Buber. He is therefore damned if he is going to hand the upstart his new pash.

Reval is perhaps better known among the few who care as the designer of the Guild's GETTER HUD (fitted as standard to all Brothers' ships on induction) as well as for the testing and development of externally mounted Goods Containers (5 and 10-ton variants).

Grocer Dor, ingratiatingly dubbed 'Supreme, Serendipitous and Serene' thereafter by Fellowcrafter (Grade 2) Cholmondely the Craven, has lately been instrumental in pioneering the witchpoint refuel concept and comms Trade Advisories.

Reval's G.E.T. future therefore looks irritatingly rosy. Buggered if they're going to get the sweet Mereso personages too...