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First played Elite on Commodore +4 in 1987. This was the best game in my eyes at that time.

Found Oolite in jan 2013 and enjoy not only the game but OXP programming also as a hobby which can give me the feeling of the freedom. I hope the result will entertain my sons and you also. :)



  • Telescope - extended targeting and scanning features, auto steering, sniper ring and more.


  • HudRequests - tech demo to make dynamic HUDs, requests for core improvements and a mini-game to earn highscores.
  • LogEvents - write messages into Logs/Latest.log using all event handlers to help debugging OXPs and review battles.


  • RocketMiner - can dock without rolling if well centered due to the barrel form (requested by my little son).



Can suffer serious changes before released, use for test play only.

  • Detectors - show energy and other informations of the target.
  • ShipVersion - all ship get version numbers, NPCs get extra equipments scaled with the version.


  • HardShips - all ship get 6 side armour, Hard ships get Hard Armour, new defensive equipments and Drones.
  • RocketShips - 8 new ship, can fly faster for some cost, get secondary autofire weapons and malfunctions. ;)
  • ShipGallery - browse all installed ships in-game (need the new Ship.keys() method arriving in Oolite v1.79).