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Download it from here.


Make money from derelict ships.

Pilots often eject when lost a fight and left behind an almost destroyed ship. If you apporach the derelict ship in 100m or hurtle into then the towbar will lock it, see in the aft view (F2).

You can tow ships with maximum 1.6 times more mass than your ship.

Pull into a dock in the current system to sell as a large amount of alloys.

Ship		Mass	Alloys	Approximated credits
Adder   	11	8	300
Moray    	40	30	1000
Cobra Mk I	47	35	1200
Fer-de-Lance	51	38	1300
Asp     	59	44	1500
Cobra Mk III	186	100	3300
Boa     	192	100	3300
Python  	222	100	3300
Anaconda	430	100	3300

The cost calculated from the alloy price at the station where you sell it. All ships over 130t can give 100t alloys only due to the large inner space.

Alloys will added to the market up to 127t in total but you will be payed for the full delivered amount regardless from this limit.

You will get a few hundred credits for each saved equipments and weapons also.

Military Laser worth 1-2 thousands but probably the fight was harder to get it.

All saved cargo worth the current price at the station.

Some ships (with high version numbers in ShipVersion OXP so the durable ones) hold much more valuable cargo than others.


With HardShips OXP you can get more equipments as you can see in this image:


You can get the following compliments:

  • 2000 credits: Nice work.
  • 5000 credits: Well done!
  • 8000 credits: Excellent!


Be careful when attacking a ship: slow your fire when the exthaust plume changing (or throwing sparks with CustomShields OXP) to aviod blowing it and stop immediately when you see the Escape capsule. Then touch the derelict ship slowly to lock it to the towbar.

You can change the towed ship if your ship touch another (likely larger) derelict ship.

If you initiate a hyperjump then the towbar will release the towed ship. This means that you must sell the ship in the same system where you get it.

The towed ship is vulnerable, suggested to avoid combat situations until delivered.

Large towed ship maybe facing into your aft weapon so you can not fire backward or you will destroy it. If you must then release it by double "h" keypress (start and stop a hyperjump) and pick up later. Before this you must set a target system and has enough fuel for the jump.

Cost: 100.0 Cr.
Techlevel: 1

Technical Informations

Depending on Oolite v1.77 and BGS OXP if you want to see nice background on the salvage screen.


Unzip the file, and then move the folder named ".oxp" in the end to the AddOns directory of your Oolite installation. Hold down the Shift key when you start the game first time until the splash screen appear.

Settings in towbar.js

  • $TowbarDebug = false; //will spawn a derelict ship right after undock
  • $TowbarFixed = true; //show towbar if no towed ship also, false works as retractable
  • $TowbarNPCMissile = true; //NPCs with enhanced IQ: fire a missile before eject as last resort
  • $TowbarShow = true; //false change it to an invisible tractor beam


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 3.0 If you are re-using any piece of this OXP, please let me know by sending an e-mail to norbylite at gmail.


2013.08.17. v0.6  Lock on sound added. Source: bgs-m_fx_shipyard1.ogg in BGS OXP.
                  Some ships carry much more valuable cargo than others.
2013.08.16. v0.5  Give money for cargo also.
2013.08.15. v0.2  Give money for equipments.
2013.08.14. v0.1  First test files.

Download Towbar OXP from here.

Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
0.6 2013-08-17 CC-BY-SA 3 Tow a derelict ship into the dock Equipment OXPs Norby BB-Link