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Tianve is a rather far flung planet in the extreme North East sector of Chart 1. Its primary industry is tourism. There is a thriving blackmarket trade in illegal luxury food blender parts.

Tianve Pulsar

The Famous Tianve Pulsar

Tianve is most noted for its famous pulsar, the top tourist attraction in the North East quadrant. It is recommended you book in advance to visit the pulsar as it can get extremely busy.

The Pulsar is the one only in drive range and much of Tianve's economy is based around this. The famous Murgh 'SpaceFlare' Tourist Liners are available for luxury hire or you may make your own way there in Rental Vehicles available from the main Coriolis station.

Near the Pulsar itself is a heavily shielded, but unarmed, Navy Station acquired by the Tianveian Tourist Board.

The advanced shield-generators of the Navy Station were retained, in order to provide protection from the dangerous levels of radiation emitted by the pulsar. The fighter bays were completely removed and converted into luxurious guest quarters, bars and shopping malls for the well-heeled tourists who enjoy sight-seeing tours of the pulsar.

The Pulsar is some way from the Tianve System. It is suggested that sight see-ers bring adequate supplies as the trip can be quite long. Visitors are recommended to book early as the Tianve system can get quite busy at times. Pilots are warned that liners have priority in all spacelanes.

To see this feature we advise commanders to download the Tianve.oxp

Information on the planet

See the Rough Guide for more details: [[1]] To see the planet side features you must have downloaded the Famous Planets OXP

Prohibited Imports

Zero-gee Cricket and all related sporting equipment is banned on Tianve in order to preserve equanimity for the native feline population. Food blenders are likewise definitely not de-regueur.

Famous Residents

Tianve is home to the legendary Elite Combateer 'Rebecca Weston', a detailed biography of Tianve's most famous resident can be within the Tionisla Chronicle publication Status Quo.

Location and Statistics

Tianve (227,0), {8,18,49,51,102,114,158,215,218} within 7.0 LY. Radius 4835 km. Democracy, Rich Ind. Pop. 5.9 B, Prod. 47200 MCr. HC: 9, TL: 14, Blue Bony Felines.