The Huge Plasma Accelerator 3

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The Huge Plasma Accelerator III
Tides of War
Author Elite Fans
Language English
Series The HPA Saga
Genre Science Fiction
Publisher FrontierAstro
Release Date 2007-
Media Type Electronic
Pages ??
Preceded by The Huge Plasma Accelerator 2
Followed by -

Reality flooded back; he wasn’t going to get revenge. Not against them. Not if half the rumours he had heard in spacer bars were true. There was no hope in hell for him. They had unlimited resources, and he was just one man.

"I’m going to cut to the chase," said Frantic. "Our organisation wants to take INRA out."

-Book 1, The HPA3 Saga


After escaping from the battle of rocky fields, the battered Azure Sunset must find refuge and repairs, while her fragmented crew must come to terms with what they lost, and what lays ahead.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, Mack Winston is on a collision course with his past.


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Story Summary (SPOILERS)


The Azure Sunset has limped to a drydock run by Frantic's secret organisation. Frantic indicates he wants to destroy INRA once and for all. But to do that, he needs an operational HPA.

de Havilland, Veruz and Emu set off for civilised space to find replacement parts, while Norman and Sam go looking for a replacement ship, as damage to the Sunset from its last battle was terminal.

The Next Move

The crew splits up, each with specific tasks:

Norman Mosser and Sam Kemper head for the New Rossyth Shipyards to bid for the decommisioned AJN Ajax and Repulse which are on sale. On the way, they have to make a few stops to cement their fake ID's.

de Havilland and Veruz take Emu back to her home in Beta Hydri before heading back to the now infamous Williamson Base for new parts for the damaged Huge Plasma Accelerator.

The rest of Norman's crew stay behind to repair the ship, but are they with friend or foe?

Major Characters

  • Sam Kemper

Norman Mosser's right hand man. The two have been friends for many years and Sam has diligently followed Norman everywhere. After the failure at Fort Donalds(See the HPA1), Mosser began to doubt himself. Knowing that Mosser required a jump start, he jettisoned Norman in an escape capsule.

Sam was captured by Alliance Intelligence and interrogated for several months before escaping and meeting up with Mosser.

After the death of Annalise Berihn, Sam became withdrawn.

  • Benzedrine Moore (DECEASED)

An Engineer and mechanic, Moore suffers from slight space madness and alcoholism. His brain is slowly deteriorating.

He was imprisoned on the Sunset by Kim Stenson. He was killed in the battle of rocky fields when the section the ship he was in was destroyed.

  • Annalise Berihn (DECEASED)

A weapon loving lady, Annalise was from Diso and worked with her aunty Jannah on the Long Haul Outpost. Tall, seductive and dangerous, she has the complete package. She was killed by Kim Stenson during his flight from Norman Mosser.

  • Roj Warfturn

This man is worth 250,000C to the Imperials. He survived the battle of rocky fields in good shape. He remains behind on the Sunset while a new ship and HPA parts are found.

Wafturn runs engineering on the Sunset.

  • John Anders

He remains behind on the Sunset while a new ship and HPA parts are found. Anders was an electrician by trade before joining Mosser's crew. He is the most stable of the crew.

  • 'Lucky' Wal

He remains behind on the Sunset while a new ship and HPA parts are found.

Lucky mans the astrogation and sensor stations on the Sunset.

  • Frantic

Less a member of Mosser's team than an equal that often works with him. Mosser's and Frantic's friendship goes back many years. Each has their own secrets, but they often have common goals and work together.

Frantic takes command of the Sunset once it arrives in his drydock. He has schemes for the HPA and needs the help of Mosser and his crew.

  • de Havilland

Discovered who the mysterious enemy were. To defeat INRA, he has to go back to inhabited space to source replacement parts for the damaged HPA

With Maegil's death, he finds himself drawing closer to Emu, though something inside holds him back, knowing it is wrong.

  • Michael Veruz

Is reassesing his career options as his eyes are opened to a new life of running from the law.

  • Cmdr Maegil

Flew his ship, the Tenchu in the battle of rocky fields. Lead the Spartacus Brotherhood from near defeat to victory over the Imperials before his ship was destroyed

  • Emu

Watches her boyfriend die in the battle of rocky fields. Heartbroken and lonely, she find solace in de Havilland, but she still grieves for her lost man.

  • Kim Stenson

After his ambush goes horribly wrong on the Sunset, he decides to escape. This too goes wrong. He loses consciousness as his ship goes out of control. He wakes up a prisoner in some unknown place.


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