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[http://hughesd.co.uk/elite/hpa2.asp Elite BTF] has a PDF version of the HPA and HPA2 (in progress) sagas, along with the "Past Prologue" compilations of what some of the participants did in the between.
[http://hughesd.co.uk/elite/hpa2.asp Elite BTF] has a PDF version of the HPA and HPA2 (in progress) sagas, along with the "Past Prologue" compilations of what some of the participants did in the between.
[http://www.frontierastro.co.uk/FEU/feu.html FrontierAstro] offers PDF versions of the HPA for download, PDF ''and'' RTF versions of HPA2, plus "Maiden Voyage" and "A Call To Duty" - stories involving some of the HPA characters in the lead up to HPA2.
[http://www.frontierastro.co.uk/FEU/feu.html FrontierAstro] offers PDF versions of the HPA for download, complete PDF ''and'' RTF versions of HPA2 & HP3, plus "Maiden Voyage" and "A Call To Duty" - stories involving some of the HPA characters in the lead up to HPA2.
Also, as of September 2007, the beginning of '''HPA3''' is available!

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The Huge Plasma Accelerator II
Return of the Azure Sunset
Author Elite Fans
Language English
Series The HPA Saga
Genre Science Fiction
Publisher FrontierAstro
Release Date 2007
Media Type Electronic
Pages ??
Preceded by The Huge Plasma Accelerator 1
Followed by The Huge Plasma Accelerator 3

"I lifted the object, feeling the ergonomic pistol grip in my hand. The delicately balanced trigger. The enormous emitter array. The sheer balance of the weapon. The Vega Corp logo, and the Azure Sunset sigil etched into the deep blue metal. The sender hadn't needed to sign it. The exquisite vellum and the fact that the object was a brand new Deathwreaker II had the trademark of Norman Mosser stamped all over it."

-Mack Winston - Book 1 of the HPA2 Saga


A fan-fiction story set in the FFE universe, around the year 3309. It is a couple of years after the Azure Sunset debacle at Fort Donalds. Mack Winston is on the run, with an Imperial Princess. Norman has returned from his search for Raxxla. He wants the Azure Sunset. As events start to ripple across the cosmos, other characters become unwittingly involved in events.

The HPA2 Saga ended in September, 2007. The HPA3 Saga continues the story of the Azure Sunset


The Azure Sunset

The Azure Sunset is a Long Range Cruiser, commissioned in 3294 as the 'Abrahams Son'. She served as a trading vessel until she was brought by an Imperial Royal and along with Norman Mosser turned into a weapon: A platform for the Huge Plasma Accelerator. The weapon was assembled in secret, the entire ship turned into a fortress for Mosser. The Azure Sunset was designed for a single purpose, but she failed in her mission and was lost in the depths of space. Many years later, after Norman had returned, ego and all, he sought out to reclaim her. As several Mosser clones had been activated, several avenues were exposed, but in the end, Mosser discovered a man named Vasquith de Havilland who had seen the ship and knew where she would be at any given time. The two teamed up and found their way to the ship.

The front third of the ship is taken up with the HPA, while the rest of the ship is utilitarian. There is a medical centre which serves as a clone depository for Mosser, in case he has any 'accidents'.

The ships superstructure was weakened when it was pulled from hyperspace as it fled the Achernar system. The ship was never fully repaired and remains in a weakened condition. The engines had increased safety margins installed to reduce the stresses on the ship.

The Story (SPOILERS)

Opening Gambit

de Havilland and Veruz discover, by accident, the location of the Azure Sunset. He is attacked by unknown aggresors and flees inside the ship where he learns every location the Azure Sunset will hyperspace jump to. After a brief battle onboard the Azure Sunset, de Havilland and Veruz escape in a borrowed Krait, which they take to the AAAI shipyards where de Havilland used to work. They decrypt the hyperspace coordiates of the Azure Sunset and as the city gets attacked by bounty hunters, they escape in a modified Saker Mk III with a Nano Plasma Accelerator. they set up a meeting with Norman Mosser and unwittingly become a part of his crew.

Stenson gets a notification of an Imperial Courier (Normans type of ship) was attacked by an Interpol patrol. He puts the clues together and goes hunting for more information in Reidquat. He is attacked by a group of heavies, but survives. His clues take him to Alioth where he sees the escaping Saker mk III. he flies to Reidquat and watches de Havilland interact with Norman then follows them through hyperspace...

Winston knows that everyone wants to kill him. Then Norman offers him a job. to kill Norman. Not himself naturally, just the other two of his clones wandering about. Mack takes the job as the money would go along way to salvaging some kind of a life from the wreck he currently endures. He kills one Norman and wounds another, but it manages to get away. Winston is captured my Maegil and taken on as his Apprentice.

Mosser wants the Azure Sunset. Initially, he works together with his two other clones to retrieve it, but things become untenable and each Mosser tries to hire Mack Winston to kill the others. Two Mossers go to Earth, where one is killed, while the other teams up with Maegil where he gets the coordinates for the Azure Sunset and gets a proposition to join the Spartacus Brotherhood. the original Mosser, meanwhile, heads to Reidquat where he meets up with de Havilland and Veruz. together, they travel to the then current location of the AZ, only to get attacked by the mysterious forces. They escape and form plans to meet at a small, inhabited system...

Maegil an Federation ex-special forces officer, currently a Black-Ops undercover agent. He has a distinct and often conflicting set of morals, and wishes to teach this to a young upstart named Mack Winston, also wants to recruit Norman Mosser to his anti-slavery group known as the Spartacus Brotherhood. He had a girlfriend named Emu, who he travels with.

The Spartacus Brotherhood is an ex-slaves organization that created a semi-legitimate government and sent an ultimatum to every slavist government or system. Some think they are but brigands, but they keep military discipline in their ranks and won't plunder or murder; instead they have forsaken revenge in favour of justice and fight strictly according to the laws of war. Some of their actions until now include patrolling slavist systems and boarding ships suspected of carrying slaves (apreending them if they are), raiding starports to free slaves and invading the Quexce system to force the local government to abolish slavery. However, some of their actions were (intentionally or not) ham-handed, nearly driving the Federation and the Empire to full-scale war twice so far.

Showdown at Sunset

All the major players found their own way to the Azure Sunset, aloft in the Ioenin system: Norman and Sam flew with de Havilland and Veruz aboard their Stealthed AAAI Shipyards Saker Mk III. Maegil and Winston via Maegils Asp. Another Norman used another Normans Imperial Courier, but was ultimately killed in the enusing chaos. A series of showdowns encased the ship as the players tried to assert dominance over the others. A standoff was narrowly averted with Maegil being seriously wounded and his computer virus shutting down the auto destruct.

Now Normans crew are in charge of the Azure Sunset. All that stands in their way is an entire ship of defunct systems and a lone Interpol agent...

Meanwhile, Mack Winston leaves the Azure Sunset to find some vengeance for the death of his love.

Battle of Rocky Fields

But little do they know that someone behind the scene is pulling the strings, manoeuvring the Federation and Imperial fleets into a collision with the Azure Sunset and the Spartacus Brotherhood.

The battles becomes a massive, three-way affair with no holds barred. Each group has objectives and secret instructions. the Azure Sunset just wants to escape.

On the other side of the known galaxy, Mack travels to the Empire to find Maria's father. the two collude to assasinate the man responsible for Maria's death. Mack goes to assasinate the man but finds him already dead and himself framed. He leaves with a lady claiming to help him, but who puts him to sleep.


Mack awakes to find himself imprisoned by Alliance Security. He has two options: Spill the beans on everything related to the Azure Sunset or rot in prison with a damaged brain. He agrees to a new life and is about to move on when his presumed dead parents are found in statis.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Azure Sunset face an even greater challenge. They may have survived, but at great cost: The ship was seriously damaged. More importantly, one of the crew, Moore is missing. No one knows that a lone interpol agent still stalks the corridors of the Sunset...

Mosser's Crew

Although many of Mosser's legendary missions involved him alone, as his schemes grew, his need for hired help grew. His crew has chopped and changed over the years, but during the HPA2 saga, Mosser's crew includes the following people:

  • Sam Kemper

Norman Mosser's right hand man. The two have been friends for many years and Sam has diligently followed Norman everywhere. After the failure at Fort Donalds, Mosser grew doubts and Sam jettisoned him in an escape capsule to jump start him again. Unfortunately he was captured by Alliance Intelligence before he could reclaim Mosser.

He escaped somehow and managed to meet up with Mosser on a distant planet, after Mosser had returned from Raxxla.

  • Benzedrine Moore

An Engineer and mechanic, Moore suffers from slight space madness and alcoholism. His brain is slowly deteriorating.

  • Annalise Berihn

A weapon loving lady, Annalise is from Diso and has worked with her aunty Jannah on the Long Haul Outpost. Tall, seductive and dangerous, she has the complete package.

  • Roj Warfturn

This man is worth 250,000C to the Imperials.

  • John Anders
  • 'Lucky' Wal

Less a member of Mosser's team than an equal that often works with him. Mosser's and Frantic's friendship goes back many years. Each has their own secrets, but they often have common goals and work together.

Weapons of the Saga

Federal Marines - Special Issue Carbine

Based on the civilian Laser Carbine, the Special Issue was repowered by the Armonitions Corporation. the resulting laser pulse is shorter, but has a higher energy level and a faster refire rate. The recoil is almost completely compensated for. A folding stock and a more utilitarian look gives the Special Issue an almost spectral look. It is cheap and lightweight, but easily damaged and no good as a bludgeoning weapon. The barrel especially is prone to damage.

L&F Detective Special

The Lance and Ferman Detective Special is a small, lightweight laser pistol with an average power output of 1 kilo-watt. Its small stature belies a robust weapon that will work in all environments. It is a discreet weapon that can be easily hidden, a must for detectives on the beat. Although not prone to malfunction, such an event is usually disastrous to the weapon. The main drawback of the Detective Special is the low power output.

Colt .45 "Peace maker"

The Colt Single Action Army handgun, also known as the Colt Peacemaker or Single Action Army, is a single action revolver holding 6 rounds of ammunition. It was designed for the US cavalry by Colt's Manufacturing Company and adopted in 1873, and it was perhaps the most prolific pistol in the wild west.

CCH "Ambassador"

In 2056, Churchill Combine Houver produced a weapon they called the "Ambassador". A stepping stone between the traditional pistol of the 20th century and the true railguns of the 22nd century, the "Ambassador" was a true hybrid, combining the chemical power of a bullet with the electrical power of a railgun. A new, smaller bullet was produced, which fitted into a large magazine. Although fired like a normal bullet, magnetism was used in reloading, allowing a simpler, cheaper gun, but also a dangerously high refire rate. the same Magnetism suite was used to give Molecular spin to the bullets. The nanoscale vibrations allowed deeper penetration of the target, including Spectra and High Powerered Body armour.

Colt "Diplomat"

Favoured by special forces in all the major militaries, the "Diplomat" is a simple, but powerful weapon. It forgoes style and class for functionality. the resulting weapon looks like it was birthed in a junkyard, but packs a large enough punch to rival the Deathwrecker. The laser focusing and emitting crystal is the only high tech component, giving unparalled accuracy. The Diplomat can be dropped, kicked, compacted, shot at and detonated, and will keep working. Despite the simplistic design, the cost of the "Diplomat" is high. the weapon is also unfriendly to the user in terms of recoil and hand damage; there is no heat dissipation componentry, although some can be brought after market.

L&F Inspector Special

Lance and Ferman took the famously reliable "Detective Special" and threw some more money at it. They wanted a more upmarket weapon that was as successful as the Detective, but looked great and worked better. The resulting weapon was creatively labelled the "Inspector". Although the accuracy and looks were improved, the cost also increased, alienating loyal customers. The Inspector continues to sell, despite its only moderate success.

"Winter Moon" katana and the "Little Moon" wakizashi

A diamond-edged duralium 'daisho' (Japanese: 'large and small') given to Maegil by his Sensei, Emu's father. It incorporates the japanese swordmaking concept of a hard cutting edge sheated in a softer, shock absorving material to prevent shattering.

Ingram 350

The preferred Federal Special Forces assault rifle, also adopted by the Spartacus Brotherhood Marines. Its standard version has a medium powered fast rate of fire, good against soft armour or massed opponents, but has a power regulator that can be set for a slower, 350KW shield piercing output. Its modular design can be converted to a carbine, a sniper rifle or an infantry support weapon and back in a moment's notice just by exchanging its modules, making it an excellent all-round weapon. Its downsides are the the '350 is rather heavy weighted on some configurations and is definitevely not a cheap weapon.


Gratuitous Violence Gun, the Imperial Army mainstream assault rifle. In an attempt to level its poorly trained conscript forces with the Federation's shielded professional soldiers, the Empire created a sturdy weapon that substituted marksmanship for sheer destructiveness. Very powerful, it has an incorporated plasma granade launcher. Even with government-manipulated production prices, the only reason the Empire can afford these weapons as mainstream is that they usually outlast the soldiers...

Vega Corp Deathwrecker Mk I

A weapon designed to wreck death and destruction, regardless of consequences. The deathwreaker is actually a hand held micro laser cannon, sacrificing minor things as heat exchangers, safety norms and core radiation shielding, for capacitors and yet more capacitors... 200 million were released on the market before Vega corp. was forced to stop its production on account of the law suits for personal and genetic damage, but even so it's still in demand on grittier systems. Of course, the only places you can walk around with one without being stopped by the police is where battle weapons are legal, or there's no police at all... It huge blast in a small package has another price: a power cell has capacity to fire only five times before reloading, and the lack of heat exchanger forces for a long refire time to prevent overheating.

Vega Corp Deathwrecker Mk II

With exquisite Achenar-style design, 15% more blast and 8% larger power cells, it can go up to 300!KW, but it also incorporates a regulation swich that reduces its power and increases the power cell life. Unfortunately, the Vega corp still wasn't able to include shielding on it and keep it a hand gun, so they added a legal disclaimer on the bottom of grip; basically it states in legalese that on carrying or firing the weapon, the user acknowleges and accepts its hazards. To read it, one just needs a lawyer and a electron sweep microscope (not included, Cr1499+tax). The psychos who disable the safety interlocks usually find its 0.5MW 'sufficient' even for the most extreme uses... They also discover the meaning of 'severe radiation burns'.

Vega Corp Deathwrecker Mk II - Mosser Special Edition

The MK II with a platinum 'Azure Sunset' sigil and an exchangeable focusing and emitting crystal capable of burning the image of Norman Mosser up to 100m. Only 300 were made, and of those, many were bought by... Mosser!

External Links

Elite BTF has a PDF version of the HPA and HPA2 (in progress) sagas, along with the "Past Prologue" compilations of what some of the participants did in the between.

FrontierAstro offers PDF versions of the HPA for download, complete PDF and RTF versions of HPA2 & HP3, plus "Maiden Voyage" and "A Call To Duty" - stories involving some of the HPA characters in the lead up to HPA2.