The Disappearance of the AJN Lion

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The Disappearance of the AJN Lion is a story by Dylan Smith set in the Frontier universe.


In April 3276, the AJN Lion, a Navy battlecruiser turned into science vessel, went on an voyage to study the Liazeda Radio Anomaly. The ship was accompanied by two exploration class vessels, one of which commanded by Zack Wilson. Mike Hill, a member of his crew tells him a of gut feeling that something sis not right, and he also starts feeling the same. Then next day, when the AJN Lion starts exploring the LRA, it suddenly disappears, together with its 990 crewmembers. Zack and Ann-Marie Watkins, the commander of the second Explorer class vessel, take their ships back to Peterson's Legacy on regular drive, in a weeks long flight during which they have to severely ration food and water.


Available online or in PDF format