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Second Edition Cover drawn by Neil Badman


This is a novella based on Oolite, written by Drew Wagar and the first part of the Oolite Saga.

It was written to give newcomers to Oolite a feel for how Oolite differs from Elite in a the form of a story, setting the scene for all the adventures to come, rather like the original Robert Holdstock novel 'The Dark Wheel' set the tone for Elite itself.

It's set four years before the time in which players of Oolite find themselves. (See notes below).

"A brilliant scientist uncovers a terrifying plot to begin a galactic war. Aided by a talented, but reluctant and embittered combateer, he must stop the deployment of a super weapon he invented. A weapon so powerful it threatens to destroy entire worlds."

The sequel to Status Quo, Mutabilis, is also available. The third part of the Saga, Incursio arrived in 2011.

Readers are welcome to submit feedback and comments to the author via his website.

There is also a Facebook fan page.

Second Edition

Status Quo was revised in October 2009 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Elite. The second edition features some extra scenes, improved dialogue and updated references to bring it in-line with the progress made within Oolite during the three years since Status Quo was first released in 2006.

Feedback from readers

“Fantastic, absolutely spot on. A true work of art.”

“I love it so much!”

“Fantastic work.”

“What a ride!”

“Very nice edge of the seat stuff!”


“One hell of a tale.”

“You've still got me hanging on the edge of my seat.”


“Excellent work I really love it!”

"What a great read. Sets the ambience for Oolite beautifully."


You can download the story from the author's website.

Please note the 'Creative Commons' license contained within.

Status Quo is just over 200 pages long.

Theme Tune

You can download a theme tune for Status Quo. If you wish to use this inplace of the standard Oolite theme tune, simply replace the file within the Oolite subdirectory.

Notes and Extras

Status Quo is set in the year 3138, four years before the official time frame of the game, which has been set as 3142.

In the game, the Q-Bomb does not behave as it does in the novel. However, this has been remedied by Commander McLane, who has provided the Status_Quo_Q-bomb_OXP. We suggest readers download this to make the Q-Bomb behave as it does in the novel.

The author also recommends the following OXPs be installed in order to make the game play as close to the novel as possible: Boy Racers, Tori, Famous Planets, Tianve Pulsar, System Redux, Behemoth, Imperial Courier, SuperCobra and Snoopers (which adds the 'Tionisla Chronicle' news feed to the game.)