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The Windows port of Oolite is still an alpha test version and there is still some work to do before the whole game functions as designed. However, the test versions are getting close to supporting the core game functions found on Mac OS X and Linux/Unix versions. Windows users need to remember they are using a testing release and therefore expect bugs or missing functionality.

Getting and installing the game

The game may be downloaded from [1]. The most recent version is currently [2].

To install, run the executable that you have just downloaded. You will get the familiar Windows installer.

Note that the installer was mirrored on, but this site has not kept up to date with the later builds.

A regular build of changes from the SVN source is being carried out on a regular basis. The complete installer above must be installed before any of the updates will work. The update filename changes with each build, so get the latest update file by following the link here: [3].

The game has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 2000. It will not run on the DOS-extender versions of Windows such as Windows 95, 98 or ME. It is expected it will run with Vista, so long as drivers are available for the hardware you have. You are advised to run the latest 3D graphics drivers from your 3D card manufacturer.


There was a problem in the 1.62 build that caused memory exhaustion. Please read this page to find out how to manually patch the Windows installation.

Running the game

Find the Oolite icon in the Start -> Programs menu and click on it. Alternatively double click the Oolite program icon on the desktop.

Installing OXPs

You will need to find where the folder is placed: it should be in C:\Program Files\Oolite. Create an AddOns folder beside the folder. Put OXPs in here. Note that some OXPs when unzipped contain a folder with a README file and then the OXP - in this case, it's best to unzip the OXP somewhere other than AddOns and copy the OXP folder once unpacked into AddOns.

Notes for amd64 users

No builds for 64-bit versions of Windows have yet been made, however, given the proper availability of graphics and sound drivers, the 32-bit version should run on 64-bit Windows. 32 bit Windows running on amd64 hardware should not have an issue.

Building Oolite from source

See the Oolite-PC forum: [4]