PS Lave Stenro sitesof Daikos

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The planet scanner is a work in progress for Oolite. 
Violations with other versions of Canon are expected. 
Discussions can be found on the Oolite Bulletin Board.

Galaxy 1 : Lave System : Lave Lave : Daikos sites

Tertiary sites (on Lave planet Lave) of Daikos, starting with most significant:
# 196. Moderately high activity at remote outpost Liiura, a dependent of the Domain of Daikos.
Elevation 182 m, Long : 150.03 E/W, Lat : 22.081 N/S
Area (0.74 km)^2 , Prod = 31.5 Cr Pop 7 (Small Fat Insects)
TL : -21 No space-faring technology identified. Maybe downed pilots to rescue at this location?
Local Politics : Autonomous recognized Communist, Economics : Very limited
Description : Removed due to commercial dispute.


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